Top 10 Sabah attractions

Top 10 Destinations of Sabah

Below is the list of Top 10 Destinations of Sabah, which is not compiled by by editors sitting in office. Personally
I’ve been to these places and would like to recommend them to you, without any commercial and political interest hidden behind.

Your vote and comment will perfect the list, so please feel free to contribute to this open list.

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You are welcome to add new item to this list too. However, please allow me to remove item that is irrelevant or unfit for this category. Thank You~

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Destinations of Sabah

  1. Hi do you usually travel?Do you travel by joining specific travel tour or just go by yourself?I am planning to travel across Sabah soon (thanks to your list!) but still short of idea on how to travel to remote places in the most secure and safe way. Please guide me hehe thanks!

    1. Hi Stefpenny, I would say “half-half”. For public parks, I usually go by myself. Some remote or private attractions would need boat transfer or booking via tour agents, then I have to join a travel agent. 🙂

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