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Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

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I have blogged about five islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, so I create this entry to group all the links together. You can click each island below to view my individual comment and photo gallery about them.

Gaya Island Sapi Island Manukan Island Mamutik Island Sulug Island
Island What I like about it
Manukan Plenty of coral reef and fishes in clear sea water, good facilities and lot of activities (and bikini babes)
Gaya Great resort & facilities, 4 KM jungle trail and wildlife
Sapi Nature-rich and wildlife, beautiful sea view
Mamutik Peace and quiet
Sulug White sandy beach, full of corals and seashells

Manukan Island Gaya Island Sapi Island Mamutik Island Sulug Island

Note: There are many things (e.g. diving) that I haven’t explored yet, so do not plan your trip solely based on my comments. I just share my personal experience, so I am not really reviewing each island. Who knows, you may get totally different experience.

OK, just a bit of information about the boat transfer to the islands. I usually take the boat at the ferry terminal next to KK Customs (Pejabat Kastam Diraja). They start the boat transfer at 8 AM. You can register at the counter, something like putting your name on a waiting list. The boat departs when there are enough people (about 8 to 12 pax) going. In many cases, you may need to wait for an hour or more, so there is no fixed departure time. Only the departure time to Gayana Resort is fixed and no need to wait for enough people. So… it is better that you go to the island on non-working days when there are more tourists.

I post their transport fee below (USD1 = RM4). However, the oil price is going high recently, so they may increase the price. Two-way ticket to Gayana Resort costs RM15. Besides the transfer fee, you also need to pay RM1 (about USD0.25) terminal fee.

The best time to see the island is in the morning. The sea water is usually crystal clear in dry session. Probably due to the high tide and stronger sunlight in the afternoon, the view is not that great. Please note there are other extra fees, depending what you do on the island. Again, this is only a reference, to be safe, just prepare more cash.

Conservation Fee (must pay)
Malaysian Adult: RM3.00, Below 18: RM1.00
Non-Malaysian Adult: RM10.00, Below 18: RM5.00

Diving Fee
Malaysian: RM20.00
Non-Malaysian: RM50.00


Adult: RM5
Below 18: RM2

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