3 thoughts on “Sabah Map

  1. Hey thanks! This is really useful. I’ve been reading your blog, very useful to get a good insight to where to go in Sabah. I hope to be travelling in this area in May. My companion wants to do some diving and I’m keen on wildlife although hate being intrusive to animals’ natural habitats and i don’t have a camera with camo super lens like in your photos. I’m looking for a short jungle trip. Your page is great!

    1. You are most welcome Helen and thanks for the compliment. 🙂 Sharing is always a pleasure. May is a good month as we celebrate Harvest Festival here, a lot of activities going on. Have a nice trip.

  2. Hello there. i am very interested in the area around the Northen tip of Kudat , there are lots of articles and photos of the beautiful beaches and fauna along the west coast but there is practically nothing mentioned about the east coast side of Kudat , especially from the North Borneo point all the way down to north Borneo Bio Station. Can anyone share some pictures of the area or give an idea why this area seems desolate ? uhm.. this post is old isnt it.

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