Tuaran Mee Noodles

Tuaran Mee (Tuaran Noodle) the gold noodle of Sabah

If you ask Sabah people which delicacies are “Made in Sabah”, no doubt Tuaran Noodle (locally known as Tuaran Mee, 斗亚兰面 in Chinese), a traditional handmade egg noodle born in Tuaran town is on top of the list. Like Laksa to Penang, Kolo Mee to Sarawak, Tuaran Mee is the noodle representing Sabah state.

Tuaran Mee
Tuaran Fried Noodle with slices of spring roll and cha-shao

Above is the picture of Tuaran Fried Noodle (Tuaran Mee Goreng). Tuaran Mee tastes best when it is fried and served hot with egg roll slices (春卷 in Chinese), roasted pork slices (or Cha-Shao, 叉烧 in Chinese) and local green vegetable. This golden-color noodle is rich with egg aroma. If prepared nicely, the noodle is crispy outside but soft inside.

Wet fried Tuaran Mee and Kon Lau Tuaran Mee
Tuaran Mee can be cooked in different styles. Left: “Wet-fried” Tuaran Mee with gravy (湿炒). Right: Kon-Lau (Dry) Tuaran Mee (干捞)

When the food market nowadays is flooded with cheap and mediocre packed noodles, I do appreciate every bite of Tuaran Mee, which is created by people who insist on quality over quantity. Tuaran Mee is pure noodle, unlike those factory noodles consist of preservatives.

Tuaran Fried Noodle (Tuaran Mee)
Tuaran fried noodle (Tuaran Mee Goreng) is over-fried a bit to make the noodle more crispy and springy

The repeated pounding in handmade process forms denser texture in the noodle. You will be surprised that Tuaran Mee can be stomach-filling even taken in small quantity.

Tuaran Mee served in different styles
Tuaran Mee served in different styles. The girl in the picture is Yuri Ishizeki, a Japanese Food Fighter. You can watch the video to see how she finished all the Tuaran Mee on the desk.

Besides fried noodle, Dried or “Konlau” (干捞 in Chinese) Tuaran Noodle (see photo above) is another popular way to enjoy Tuaran Mee. The cook first rinses the noodle in boiled soup until it turns soft, dry it and serve it in dark sauce. Personally I prefer the fried version.

Where to find the BEST Tuaran Mee?

Tuaran Mee costs about RM8 to RM10 (≈USD1.90 to USD2.30) a plate, and seafood flavours (with shrimps) is more expensive (RM12 or more). Based on the feedback, the No.1 favorite of locals is Tuaran Mee Restoran coffee shop in Tuaran town (see Location Map).

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1. Tuaran Mee Restoran

Tel: +60 16-5849651
Opening Hours: 7am-2:30pm (closed every Monday)

Tuaran Mee Restoran (Tuaran Mee Restaurant)
Tuaran Mee Restoran in Tuaran. They also have a branch in Inanam

Tuaran Mee Restoran is named after Tuaran Mee, so you can assume that they are specialised in this noodle. This is evidenced by number of customers they have in shop. They must be doing very well because they also open a branch in Inanam (see Location Map).

Tuaran Mee Goreng
Tuaran Fried Noodle of Tuaran Mee Restoran

2. Lok Kyun Restaurant (乐群酒家)

Ranked No.2 by locals are Restoran Lok Kyun, also located in Tuaran. It’s famous in Peninsular Malaysia because it was featured many times in TV such as Taste with Jason (阿贤), a popular food programme in AEC TV Channel.

Lok Kyun Restaurant (乐群酒家) in Tuaran town
Lok Kyun Restaurant (乐群酒家) is located in the middle of Tuaran town

Address: Shop No. 4, Block 8, Jalan Keogh, Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia (see Location Map)
Tel: +60 88-788441 / +60 19-8518632
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun: 7am – 2:30pm (closed every Monday)
Though they also open in most public holiday, they close on major holidays such as Chinese New Year and Hari Raya.

Tuaran Mee by Lok Kyun Restaurant (乐群酒家)
Tuaran Mee by Lok Kyun Restaurant (乐群酒家)

Personally I love the ambience of having traditional food in an old kopitiam (coffee shop) in post-war wooden shoplot of Tuaran. They are not only good in Tuaran Mee. Their “Braised pork belly with taro” (芋头扣肉) and “Stuffed Beancurd” (酿豆腐) are also very famous.

3. Seng Hing Coffee Shop (成兴茶餐室)

Some of you may not want to drive 30 minutes to Tuaran town for the noodle. Luckily, you also can have Tuaran Mee in Kota Kinabalu city. One of the most recommended coffee shops for Tuaran Mee is Seng Hing Coffee Shop, which has over 40 years of history.

Seng Hing Coffee Shop (成兴茶餐室)
Seng Hing Coffee Shop (成兴茶餐室) is located in Sinsuran of Kota Kinabalu City Centre

Address: Block E, Lot 10, Sinsuran Complex, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (see Location Map)
Tel: +60 88-211594 / +60 19-8105255
Opening Hours: 7am – 4pm daily

Tuaran Mee by Seng Hing Coffee Shop (成兴茶餐室)
Tuaran Mee by Seng Hing Coffee Shop (成兴茶餐室)

This kopitiam fries their Tuaran Mee with a bit of Lihing (rice wine), which gives the noodle a very pleasing aroma. I used to have lunch there every day and they never disappoint me. Seng Hing Coffee Shop is also popular for its Tom Yam Seafood Noodle.

Typical Tuaran Mee
The food stalls in pasar (market) of Tuaran town also cook really good Tuaran Mee, which is always sold out in the morning

Please feel free to post your favorite restaurant in comment section here, if you know any other nice places for Tuaran Mee.

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Photos taken in Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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  1. Very nice post on Tuaran mee. I only hope one day you’d write a post regarding where and how they produce Tuaran mee. It’s so popular in Sabah but not many people know where it comes from including me. it can be from Tuaran as suggested by the name itself but where exactly in Tuaran. Do they have a factory or they make it in a restaurant. Just curious. 😀

    1. Thanks Jipp. 🙂 I’ll try to write 1 such post in future. I talked to a few locals last week. They say the most original Tuaran Mee is from a stall on 1st floor of Tuaran market. I’ll pay a visit and write about it soon.

  2. cheers. I would like to suggest that there’s another shop in Tuaran serving the best Tuaran Mee….they serve the best Turan Mee Kerbau….the shop is Resstoren Tai Fatt….just a bit further up from Tuaran Mee Restoran….1 row with Am Bank if i’m not mistaken….you should try that….

    1. Thank you Kayoti for your recommendation. I plan to visit Tuaran again to review another restaurant, so I’ll visit the one you suggest here. :)

  3. Correction….the big hall aboved is not school hall but actually is the new Dewan Majlis Daerah Tuaran….

  4. I noted this line, “Ranked No.2 by locals are Restoran Lok Kyun, also located in Tuaran. Its famous in Peninsular Malaysia.”. Where is this place in Peninsular Malaysia?

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