Mangrove Forest (Part I)

Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary (KKCBS) is a must-go place for nature lover and photographer. At KKCBS you can see many weird wildlife and plants that are very different from the rainforest. I have been there for many times, and each time I would see new animals (yeah, new photos for my collection).

I have been trying to trace some hard-to-see wildlife such as mud lobster, water snake, monitor lizard, certain rare birds, and sting ray, but still cannot get their pictures. They are either moving too fast or hiding very well. Until now, I think my photo collection is still not complete enough to give you a full picture of what are there. Actually the photo gallery below was already complete last year. I will go ahead and publish them first. Hopefully very soon I can publish part two. BTW, there are 2 panoramic views that allow you to see the Mangrove Forest in 360 degree.

Mangrove Forest
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If you want to do bird watching, try to be there at 8 AM, when the park opens, or between 4 PM to 5 PM. I heard that they will open as early as 6 AM, in the future, the time which has the most birds searching for food in the mangrove forest. One of the main attraction is the fiddler crabs. They are very sensitive and alert. You need a lot of patient to take pictures of them. The male fiddler crabs got a huge claw as weapon and sexy symbol. The fiddler crabs are so colourful and special that I decide to put up another photo gallery just for them. It is the same gallery that I published last year (but didn’t blog about).

Fiddler Crabs
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6 thoughts on “Mangrove Forest (Part I)

  1. I wanted to visit the place when I was in KK recently but could not find the main entrance..Can you give some guidance?

  2. i guess i need to pay a visit soon to test run my cam again ^_^
    6 am would be good, not too warm. but i am affraid there is not enough light to work with.

  3. lhs, if u heading to KK and passby the roundabout in front of Likas Sport Complex’s big swimming pool, u will see the “Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary” signboard at the left of the road, before u reach the traffic light near Likas Square. after u take the left turn, go straight for about 100 meters, u will see the KKCBS office. The park is just behind the office. u need to buy ticket first, it is about RM3 or RM4.

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