Mangrove Forest - I

Mangrove is a forest at the edge of the sea, where the tides bring in salt water from the sea twice a day. Mangrove forest plays an important part in ecosystem to support the living of the birds, crab, shells, fishes and many animals. It is fun to go there often because you would see different animals every time.

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Video Clips

Title: Bug of Mangrove Forest
Format: Windows Media Video
Length: 20 sec
Description: How a bug with many legs swims. >> Watch Now!

Title: Sound of Mangrove Forest
Format: Windows Media Audio
Length: 14 sec
Description: This is the bug sound commonly heard in mangroves. >> Listen Now!

360 degree view

Title: Deep Inside the Mangrove
Description: No kidding. You are inside a wild forest. >> Experience It!

Title: Center of Mangroves
Description: See the forest in the water. >> Experience It!