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Street Boy We have been bothered by the street boys. They are poor, dirty, and “naugthy”. Nobody likes them. Well, what we expect a poor and uneducated child can do? They are just trying to survive. Some of them don’t even have a nationality. If we cannot get rid of them, maybe we should try to give them a chance to get formal education and become useful someone, instead of a social problem. I am not a politician, so I don’t know how to solve the street boy problems. I only heard that it is a complex issue (excuse?).

I took the photo at the left in Madras, India (south-eastern part) when I was helping a project there. This street boy came to me and asked for money. He looked so kesian. When I tried to give him money, my Indian friends stopped me. He pointed to dozens of other street boys nearby and said, “If you give him $, all of them will come to you like flies.” Then this boy came to me again and wanted me to take a picture of him (at first I thought he wanted to splash water at me coz I did not give him money). It makes me feel sad seeing that the innocent smile is from a thin and dirty body. It was 5 years ago and I hope he is doing ok and don’t lose hope about the world.

They are really the “hardcore” street boys. Compared to the street boys in India, the Sabah street boys are much more lucky and “modern”? At least they got shoes and proper cloth to wear.

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  1. That’s sad. But it makes us appreciate what we have. Most Malaysians are very lucky to have not experience what being hardcore poor is all about.

  2. the street boys in KK are not too bad, should see the ones in sandakan. I think i draw the line between those real hardcore poor like the one in india vs the one that is out just to make a quick buck.

  3. Absolutely unbeliable if I told u that, u don’t have to go as far as India but at our neighbouring countries, Nunukan in Indonesia, Zamboanga In the Philipine for instance, these street kids are all over, begging for money and food. Yes I agreed w/Tomato, Malaysian kids in general are so fortunate. I do alot of charity, I travel to Nunukan every now and then, bringing tons of tons of unused items mostly kids clothing and toys. i’m tired of my elected assemblyman promises to help these kids in local newspapers. I feel so good inside when I saw smile in these kids faces, feeling no one could imagine.

  4. the Sabah street boys are much more lucky and “modern”? At least they got shoes and proper cloth to wear.

    Hahaha totally agree… especially KK

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