Ticket by Copycat

I found the picture below on a ticket last month. That picture was actually taken by my late uncle. He displayed this photo in his photography shop many years ago. I saw it so I asked if he could give it to me for use in web site. He hesitated for a while then he handed me this photo, like something very precious. I posted this photo on the web in late 90s. Even until today I find that some copycat stole it and used it for different purposes. A good piece of artwork is something can live on, though its creator had passed away.


6 thoughts on “Ticket by Copycat

  1. biasa la. org kita inda mau pikir banyak. inda mau pakai otak. suka ambil kesempatan dari org punya hasil. mana bole ini macam….

  2. Copied by Razz Ma Tazz??? I heard that joint is owned by none other than top lawyer Sugumar?

    So? You know the drill…

  3. lawyer sagumar or sugumar? ahaks… quite famous ooo dat lawyer… (ada laitu…)

    plus, sebelah dat circled pic pun macam kena stole from a website (yalah… unduk ngadau kaamatan di kota marudu bah tu…)

    internet – where everything is almost FREE!

  4. You should watermark all your pics, if they want to use ur pics.. ask them to email u..

    u can kasi watermark like western style.. haha kasi basar dia sampai hujung too the max…

  5. Must look into both side.
    It can be..
    1 party might not know the source of the pic when they found out the piece of art w no ref. text on it. How are they goin’to ctc & found the owner of the pic? Everybody can claim the pic belong to them when there’s no copyright on it!

    Diff. thing goes to the owner of the ‘source’ who label & copyright their piece of art. They hv power to take action when their ‘belonging’ has been stoled when there’s no notification & credit given to them.. they hv the right to do so!!

    It’s a lesson to be learn!

  6. smokehead, consider your uncle more fortunate than Justin Lusah – the local Kadus singer who composed the legendary “Jambatan Tamparuli” – estimated he lost RM millions in lost royalties from pirates.

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