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Miss Malaysia Tourism 2006 (Sabah State)

There was a Miss Malaysia Tourism 2006 (Sabah State Selection) Beauty Pageant Final in BED last night. I decide to post all the photos earlier to boil your blood, before the newspapers do so (yeah, I am faster than them). For me, publishing beauty pageant is the easiest way to get more hit traffic. In fact, after I posted the Miss Malaysia Tourism 2005 Beauty Pageant in Oct last year, the hit of MySabah.com doubled. On the other hands, I also worry that the readers will think Smoke Head is a shallow guy (even though yes I am) who use cheap tactic to attract audiences. No choice lah, I have no pretty face like those HOT female bloggers, so I only can show the pretty faces of others. Really, male blogger has to work multiple times harder. FYI, MySabah.com got more than 1 million hits this month. Thank You.

Miss Malaysia Tourism
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Same as last year, the BED was crowded. If not because of the FIFA Worldcup, I believe there would be more people coming. Last year there were only a handful of photographers mainly from the press. Don’t know why this year there were dozens of photographers, most equipped with those multi-thousand Nikon camera.

Starting at 9 PM, 12 contestants were competing in 4 rounds. First round was the traditional costume, 2nd round was beach wear, and 3rd round was evening gown. After that, only 7 finalists would be selected for knowledge test in 4th round.

Miss Malaysia Tourism
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Below are all the knowledge test questions that I can recall. Have fun testing yourself and see if you are good enough to be a Miss Tourism.
1) What is the other name of Dutch Monkey? Where do they live?
2) How many indigenous groups in Sabah? Please name five of them.
3) What is the former name of Menara Tun Mustafa? Why is it so special?
4) What is the most famous diving site in Sabah, and where is it?
5) If you become Miss Tourism, how would you promote tourism of Sabah?
6) Where is the oldest building of post office, and what’s its name now?
7) (Forgot. Anyone can tell me what was the question?)

Tour package to Mataking

The Final Result (see picture below)
Middle: Miss Malaysia Tourism 2006 (Sabah), Miss Florinda Johnson (No. 6)
Left: 1st Runner-Up + Miss Personality, Miss Cornellia Bernard (No. 5)
Right: 2nd Runner-Up + Miss Estelle Body Beautiful, Miss Viola Fidilis (No. 2)
Miss Talent: Miss Connie Ramy (No. 12)

Miss Malaysia Tourism
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14 thoughts on “Miss Malaysia Tourism 2006 (Sabah State)

  1. i think no.4, 5 & 2 are more beautiful than the winner.

    and no.2 got Ms.Body Beautiful coz’ she is more willing to show more by wearing sexy bikinis and gown. But how come she got that title with small tits?

  2. I like small tits. Small is most beautiful.

    My mother has big one. this is why she can not never be a Miss title.

  3. smokehead: 1 million hits for June, and it’s not even the end of the month?!! That would be about 40,000 per day?!

    kippo: that often happens, the prettiest ones find it hard to be no.1. Remember State Level Unduk Ngadau 2006? Dorithy finished only 5th. As for the tit size, I think the organisers placed lower weightage for tit size than for other factors in deciding marks…:-)

  4. pinolobu, though got million hit, no fun also. only around 1,000 comments after 1 year (less than 3 comments per day). i hope i could get more reader feedbacks, which can be a source of motivation and encouragement.

  5. Regardless of ladies, most of the man will give a title to Ms Body Beautiful, to those who has the beautiful body figure.. w (big tits, big bumps) – the kind w sexual appeal..

    I believe, It might be differ to individual taste..

    There are different approaches / perspectives taken by the judges on the way they evaluate them which is opposite our choice..
    Only they got the answers why..

    I believe most of them will pick for the slim body with nice figure..
    Just like Amber Chia, she’s damn hotttzz man!

  6. Ms.Body Beautiful (contestant no.2) resembles a lot like Miss Amanda Golingi from Inobong P’pang…is that her ? hmmm

  7. so surprising when the MC announce cont. No 6 is the Winner..Oh May god.. Thought Cont. No.4 is the winner? y its happen? Cont. No 4 More Pretty than the Conts. No 6…

    And Also, Why there only have 3 Miss (Ms.Talent, Ms. Personality and Ms. Estell Body Beautiful) where is the Ms.Friendly, Ms.Photognic,????

  8. smokehead: i suggest that in order to get more comments, you need to study the approach by other (local) bloggers like jeffooi.com, kennysia.com, sultanmuzaffar.blogspot.com and shaolintiger.com who gets truckloads of comments.

    perhaps you need to structure your words in such a way so as to provoke comments from readers.

  9. damm…hot!!…but y cont no.6??
    huuu….derz a lot of them…pretty then the winner..r u agree wif me?? hehehe….neway congratulation 😛

  10. Agency Modelling.

    comment during the MS.Tourism 2006

    There are 12 Contestant preent on that day. But only 9 contestant are pretty … like contestant no.4 Beautiful and also tall she should be a champion,cont. no.10 she cute,gorgeouse and nice good looking. Cont.no.11 look like a model but short she pretty also. ;)…..

    i’ve been looking this competition on the 5th June 1 day for Ms.Tourism, Contestant no.10 she’s Very Sexy and Hot. She have a good personality, the way she walk really good, she’s photogenic and also good attitude) i did talk with this contestant her name Ms.Jane. Really like meet her on that day.

    12 June For Miss Talent( Show They talent on that day. I agree that Cont.No 12 is the winner for Ms.Talent)

    19 June (Semi Final) – All contestant good performance.

    26 june (Grand Final Ms Tourism)

    Tradisional Costume cont.No 2, No.10 and No.8 really pretty and suit with that Tradisional Costume.

    Beach Wear – Cont. No,2,6 and 8 Sexy Girls. Cont.No.4,No.5,No.10,12 and 11 good Performance.

    Evening Dress – Presenting 7 Finalist young ladies that are not Beautiful but also Intelligence and Talent.

    CONGRATULATION for 7 Finalist.
    Good Luck For the Winner.

  11. sometimes if the person has their beauty but they doesn’t know how to use it, and sometimes the person who are not really preety they know how to make themselves looks beauty. so what im trying to say here we don’t judge the book by discover…congratulation for the winner…

  12. The winner bcome 2nd runner up in the miss tourism malaysia after that…That’s great n amazing…At least u have a placed….Congratulations..!!!?

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