Chicken on the Road

Guess many of you had seen this funny sign at a roundabout near Tuaran. The sign reads, “Don’t Cross the Road like a Chicken,” “Look Right, Look Left, Look Right… Cross.” I have seen died snake, rat, lizard, dog and cat on the road, but didn’t see any death chicken, so the chicken is actually smarter than human on crossing road, consider more human are killed each year? Personally I think they should use cow as the “model”. If you’ve been to Kota Belud, you will agree with me.

Chicken crossing road

8 thoughts on “Chicken on the Road

  1. actually i have seen several flattened chicken in my lifetime. and i think they’re no brainier than other animals when it comes to avoiding cars. they would try to outrun my car instead of simply getting out of the way…&*^#%*&@#

  2. very true, my dad personally had this experience… chicken runs across 1/2 way… then ‘hangs’ there… thinking to continue or go back… ends up getting run over. if it just had continued running across it would be okay. so… when in doubt, move foward.

  3. Smokehead, next time try driving on a ‘kampung’ road then u’ll find chickens chickening your way…lolzzz

  4. wakakaka..
    I can imagine the Singaporean will scream overjoy when they see the chikens on the road..

  5. That’s True… Still remember back in the days my area used to have alot of Chicken. Every month at least got 1 or 2 chicken get flattened by Big Lorry….

    My fren told me that..
    “Tu hari saya nampak Uncle Khoo sama lori basar dia pigi himpit itu ayam.. gali ehh..”

    haha i can imagine that.. HANG

  6. personally i think the flattened and dried animal is a piece of “art”. i will take a picture of it if i find any on the road. 🙂

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