10 Traffic Items that Don’t Work in Sabah – Part 1 of 2

This blog took quite a long time to prepare. I had to go to many places to take the photos. I split the article into two blog entries as there are too many photos, slowing down the page. Such things have become part of our life, and they are not new to Sabahans. I just organised them a bit and posted them here for fun. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Item 1. The “Ikut Kiri Jika Tidak Memotong” Sign
Anyone still know what it means? I remember many years ago, RTM even showed a TV programme to educate the drivers not to block others on the highway. To be honest, a good driver doesn’t need such “reminder” coz sticking to left has become his habit. And idiot drivers will just ignore this sign and continue to piss off the good drivers. We should change the sign to “Memotong Kepala Jika Tidak Ikut Kiri”.

Not Working

Item 2. Fly-Over
Sabahans cross road like cow. Cow just follows its heart to go whenever it likes, without seeing the danger ahead. To force people using the flyover, if you put fence or obstacle in the middle of the road, later you will find a big hole in them, or many tries to climb (and crawl) over it day in day out.

Item 3. Road Drainage System
Even the roads in city needs only a 10-minute rain to get flooded. The funny thing is that very often the flooded road is just next to an EMPTY longkang (drain). Whenever it rains, we guarantee got traffic jam.

If it rains for an hour, many will know that Penampang will flood, rain another hour, OK, Telipok must be flooded now, another hour again, the turn of Kolombong… we know the list so well, as if flood is very normal, sad huh. More than half of us are very well-trained in driving through the water. I personally experienced a few times the pleasure of driving my car to higher ground in the midnight, due to the flood caused by heavy rain.

Not Working

Item 4. “Road Not Flat” Sign
Tell me. How many road in Sabah is totally flat? I have almost forgotten how it feels to drive on a good road. To get back the feeling, I will drive from KK to Yayasan Sabah / Wisma Innoprise. That’s the BEST road in whole Sabah. Why? Because many VIPs and big heads’ office are there. Someone want to polish shoes and angkat kaki lor.

Not Working

Item 5. Street Light
Thanks to SESB, there is no chance that any street light can function 100% of the time. During blackout, I have to drive my car in “auto-pilot” mode, by using the mental map stored in my memory. Another problem is the tall tree that blocks the street light.

Not Working

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