Where is the Security?

Gaik Yap Case 1
A hardworking, friendly, young, pretty, and educated (graduate of Universiti Utara Malaysia) Marketing executive Chee Gaik Yap, was abducted by several men, gang-raped and brutally murdered while jogging near Taman Ria Jaya, Sungai Petani, on Jan 14, 2006, at 6 PM. Her half-naked dead body was found 9 hours later. Gaik Yap was about to be sent to Germany by her company for work next week and was in high spirits.

Before that, her sister found her track shoe by the roadside. There were bloodstains on the ground nearby. Her sister rushed to the guardhouse of a gated community. After being informed of Gaik Yap’s disappearance, the security guard did not immediately call the police. The guard said the bloodstains could have been because someone had bled from an accident and asked her sister to check with the hospital.

(Update: After almost 10 years, on 9 Aug 2015, the High Court sentenced the rapist+murderer Shahril Jaafar, 34, to death for murdering Chee Gaik Yap. However, it’s a suffering experience and long wait for her family, when this criminal is a son of Datuk. May her souls rest in peace.)

Canny Ong Case 2
Canny Ong Lay Kian, a young and beautiful information technologist, had flown back from the US to visit her ailing father in KL, was having a night out with friends at the Bangsar Shopping Complex, KL, on Jun 13, 2003. She was kidnapped in the basement car park (all this was recorded by the CCTV in the shopping complex). Later she was stabbed, thrown down the drain and burned alive.

Both victims are young, pretty and educated. They should have a bright and promising future. The society and family had been spending over 20 years to cultivate them, and the rapists, the sisa masyarakat, destroyed them in just an hour. In general, everyone will agree to award these rapists a death penalty, plus 20+ canning by rotan, before they are hang to death. Some even think this is not enough (me too). But these cannot bring the victims back… I cannot imagine how their family feel when they see an unoccupied seat in the coming Chinese New Year Eve (family gathering day). The pain will be inbearable, even after many years.

I have more to say…

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The sickening murderers are the main ones to be blamed. However, I have strong opinions about the lazy and sloppy security guards. Just look at the two cases above. For the first case, the security guard was obviously fucking lazy. For the second case, the security guards probably slept in the CCTV room? After the murder, then they became very hardworking and patrol in car park, fucking late already…

I never have a good impression about those chap barang security guard. Just let me list of few of their common styles:
1) Many do not know how to deal with emergency situation
2) Some are less than 5 feet and 50 Kg
3) They let you sign the log book and never verify the I/C
4) Or they want to keep your I/C (by right they cannot do that)
5) If boss not around, they don’t dress properly. A sign of poor discipline
6) If you don’t check, they would be missing in action
7) Many are drug addict. Be sure to check the unoccupied room if you hire a new security guard. If you find candle, lighter, needle or other suspicious object, fire him immediately.

In short, they are not professional and are poor quality, with lousy attitude. I wonder if they have taken any formal training. Is there any committee to set and monitor the quality standard? It does not make sense if you let the persons with defective personality to take care of the most important assets and even precious life.

Let’s see another case. On Jan 17, 2004, in Tanjung Kupang, Gelang Patah, Johor, 10-year-old Nurul Huda Abdul Ghani was on her way to do some errands for her mom. She was raped by a security guard in the guardhouse, and the security guard invited drug addicts to gang-rape the girl as well, and later strangled her to death. Some security guards are suspected to arrange a robbery with outsiders to rob their customers such as bank… Well, “Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi…”

13 thoughts on “Where is the Security?

  1. Yes, those convicted rapists should be castrated first then go canning for 100 times and lastly be hanged to death…

    Still, all these couldn’t help to make up the grief, damage and hurt that the victims and their families had.

  2. would you belive that security companies charge rm 2.50 per hour for a ‘guard’ , imagine how much actually goes to the guard.
    comes to show how much people actually spend on ‘security’

  3. It is very saddening indeed whenever we read our daily tabloid. One may notice that about 50%-60% of the news are on crimes! I guess as the country develop, there would be more and more people having sick mental! I am quite sure there are many other serious cases but not reported at all! Where did we went wrong? Can the government be witheld for having double standard that has made certain race to be complacent and dependable with the government helps in all matters, inlcuding getting a place in higher learning institution? Perhaps indirectly, the government have created a new race that think they are superior and thought they have immunity?

    In my personal opinion, we need to change these systems as it may destruct the entire societies if we decide to continue with all sort of incentives including NEP to certain race only.

    The many cases of crimes involving securities or enforcement officers is really sickening and yes, I do agree with the moderator that it’s like “harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi!”. Who can we trust than? We have to establish certain criteria on the intake of security guards or law enforcement officers in order to minimise the untoward cases.

    However, I disagree with the moderator’s comment that security guards are complacent. In the first place, they should not be employed at all! So the fault is on the employers, whom take lightly on the issue of employing personnels.

    Frankly, if anyone should change for betterment , I think the first thing is to change the government’s way of thinking. Some of the cabinet ministers are just too long on their seats and wonder if they are working or snooring on their cozy chairs. We have a minister who travels almost weekly to foreign countries, just wonder if the travelling expenditures have been audited. It seems that no less than RM1mill per travelling as it involves countries that uses Euro $, USD, sterling pound and so on. No wonder people of Malaysia is suffering in many ways, including uncompleted projects that may have somehow caused by insufficient of fund. So where is the so called “austerity drive” that was champion by the former PM?

  4. Yes it’s a sad world we live in. Everyday when i read the papers there’s at least one heartbreaking story caused by crime. Today in The Star, an old mother was stabbed to death in her own new home by robbers. Her daughter found her mom in a pool of blood and I can’t imagine the grief and denial she experienced at that very moment.

    I feel sad that humanity has evolved to be more evil than good.

  5. RM2.50 per hour for a guard? are you sure? with that rate, better to take other job. can get same salary but no need to risk life… in sabah, everyone just wants thing cheap n don’t bother about quality. probably that’s why..

  6. 10 new requirements for security guards in Malaysia

    1. must failed primary school
    2. at least 1 year in jail
    3. willing to be paid M$ 2/hr
    4. must be horny all the time
    5. must have in 6000 hrs watching TV
    6. bumi or non bumi
    7. age btw. 12 – 65
    8. must not have driver licence, coz stupid
    9. no experience in swimming at all
    10.must willing to kiss ass

  7. Please please please…………….

    don’t blamed totally on Security guard/world is not safe as used to be/why travelled alone,looking for travel I assume/not all of us beheaving like animals/

  8. I was really wondering why.. How come u guys wan to give the rapist a death penalty.. For me, its too kind for them. If I’m the law maker, rapist will have to spend the rest of their live in prison, of coz, tats not enuff. Plus a stroke every year until they physically cant take it anymore, it’ll be at least 60 years old, and of coz, the MUST IMPLEMENT RULE, CASTRATE them.. With this, only will give the to-be-rapist to deeply consider their act.

    How many rape cases we read in the newspaper? I cant tell.. Its way too many.. Who’s fault?

    If I name them, the first one will be the goverment. Since 2003 (if I’m not mistaken), they wanted to make implement heavier punishment to rapist. Anything done until today? Still 20 years jail term and a few stroke of rotan.

    “A [committee] is a bunch of [ppl] who cant do anything individually and decided nothing can be done in a group”

  9. And secondly, of coz the security guard. Take a look at the first case, which involved Gaik Yap. Her sister noticed her disappearance, but the guard do nothing. Sh*t.. u as a security guard is responsible to other’s safety. The blood stained indicating someone’s could have injured? Wut? U think u’re Detective Conan huh? Can tell everything so accurately? Even Conan need more info to tell/prove something. I’m pretty sure he’s involved, because he try to cover-up his gang. If not, the authority should charge him for neglecting his task/responsibility which led to other’s death. Punishment, same as a murderer.

    Case 2, oh man.. This 1 can be the country’s biggest joke of the century. With all the evidences available, the rapist can walk outta the court not guilty?? Wut the f*ck is in the judge and jury’s mind? Shame on them. If Canny’s family din appeal (which of coz impossible), I think the rapist now enjoying his life raping and killing someone else. I was wondering, wut if the victim is the daughter of someone that’s “powerful”. I’d say this rapist wont have the chance to defend himself. He’ll meet King of Hell the second after he committed the crime. Why? Because our officer is especially effective when it involves “powerful” ppl.

  10. Yes, those convicted rapists should be castrated first then go canning for 100 times and lastly be hanged to death…

    Still, all these couldn’t help to make up the grief, damage and hurt that the victims and their families had.

  11. Where was I man, I wish I was there, to stop everything like like mr.know it all. Come save the day., hah, keep dreaming

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