When Uncle Police Not Around

That day I read Daily Express and saw the title “Sabah is the Safest State”. Seem like someone can’t wait to blow the trumpet, as if it is a big achievement. If you remember my blog last time, I wonder if the remote district police also asked the kampung people to take a plane to KK police HQ to report the crime.

Hot Pepper Spray To see how safe our place is, just wear shiny jewellery, take a big handbag and walk on the street. If anything happens to you, the insurance company will not pay you coz you intentionally exposed yourself to life-risking crises that generally all locals would avoid doing.

I am not going to have a long talk to prove if the statistics is valid. No matter it is correct or not, we need to learn to protect ourselves. I travel alone quite often so I always got a Hot Pepper Spray with me. I bought it last year and gee… no expiry date one. Not sure how long it can last. Otherwise I can use it to season my burger before it expires.

At home, I also got something to protect myself against those burglars that break into my house. See the picture below…


Aiyak, sorry lah, not this one… No, I don’t have this thing next to my bed. No, I don’t plan to nail it to the brain of the burglar so he will become retarded for the rest of his life. I also will not use it to nail the leg of burglar so he can’t escape. No… I will not use it though I know it is ten times more effective than baseball bat.

Tour package to climb Mount Kinabalu


Ya, this is the one. I bought this baton at Karamunsing’s Parkson. Cost me only RM7… Later I will buy another one to put in my car, mainly for “self-defense”, for example, breaking someone’s car window, show it during a negotiation… Hockey stick is also cool. Haha… people would think that I am a sport lover if they see me buying baseball bat, hiking stick, spear and hockey stick.

Below are more recommended weapons to have. Get them if you can:
More weapons

9 thoughts on “When Uncle Police Not Around

  1. smoke head, personally… i dont suggest u put the police baton in your car, its a perfect reason for the police to stop and search you. carry something more ‘innocent’ golf driver would be nice.
    i got a nice wood baseball bat, really cheap.. saw a nice full size one selling at bestmart kolombong for only rm 15!!
    as for hot pepper spray.. just use sheltox!!

  2. Hm, the last pictures doesn’t look appropriate to chase those burglars away me thinks…..looks more kinky LOL

  3. i don feel those thing at bottom got related to self defense neh……..but i know they are expensive la beside the candle and the rubber bend

  4. wat is the last one???
    looks like dick safety guard, opp!!!
    I’m into s&m, really works to catch female one

  5. “Quoted : funkching
    wat is the last one???
    looks like dick safety guard, opp!!!”

    Dont u know? That ‘part’ is men’s weakness.. Protect it when you’re in a fight.. They definitely cant aim for ur weakness anymore, unless u’re a girl of coz.. :p

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