Gaya Street Christmas Carnival

Yesterday I didn’t blog coz I was not at home until 11:30 PM. I went to the Gaya Christmas Carnival (Dec 19 – 23) at Gaya Street. I got there around 7:30 PM and the traffic started to jam. More and more cars coming in. Luckily I was not too late to find a parking nearby. Later the street was crowded.

Gaya Street

There were a number of stalls along the street, just like the Sunday Gaya Street. But the difference was that everyone’s face was full of smile and look so happy. I am glad that our country is still a “worry-free” zone to travel. No big natural disaster, no H5N1 bird flu, no terrorist bombing… And people from different cultural background, religion and races could happily celebrate the Christmas together.

Bamboo Orchestra

The highlight of last night was the Bamboo Orchestra. You could see a group of performers using traditional instruments made of bamboo, to play Christmas songs. For the picture above, in case you wonder, the people at the left were playing Sompoton, a famous bamboo pipe musical instrument in Sabah.

Little Angel

Tour package to Mataking

And the big bamboo tubes in the middle is the Bamboo Drum. There was a donation box in front of them, for audiences to donate $ for charity. Though I am jobless, I contributed RM10. Since I am so kind, I won’t be sent to hell, right?

Hehe… I noticed a young girl who played flute among them. She was so focus and concentrated, so that expression was really nice. Plus – her sweet look made her look like a little “angel”. I tried to take a few of her pictures to capture that moment (see the left). FYI, tonight (Friday) they got firework for the closing of Gaya Christmas Carnival. Do not miss it if you haven’t been there.

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Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

3 thoughts on “Gaya Street Christmas Carnival

  1. smokehead, you beat us to it. was there today(friday) by 7.30 still managed to get parking, by 8pm, cannot move already lots and lots of people. highlight was 3 minute firework show. i sent some ‘angels’ into ur email.

  2. thanks for the liang moi photos. 🙂 i didn’t go that night as i was too tired due to the flu. but i saw the firework from my house.

  3. this year’s CNY i didnt even need to go anywhere to witness nice fireworks. fireworks were blasting off left and right literally! one on the left (chinese temple) and one on the right (chua kah seng supermarket boss’s house).

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