One Day Trip in Kota Kinabalu

You are busy, and your friends will come to Sabah soon. They never visit Sabah before. To make them feel welcome, you want to show them around for 0.5 or 1 day. You scratch your head and think, "KK got any interesting place meh?" I believe all of us had experienced this situation before. So far I haven’t seen anyone wrote a guide to make our lives easier. Probably I can start a list here. 🙂

Since this guide is for busy people, below are my criteria to select a site:
1. It must be near to KK (less than 1 hour drive). That’s why Kinabalu Park is out.
2. It is a place that opens almost every day or at least regularly.
3. Can go there yourself without tour operator.
4. Tour only takes a few hours. No overnight required.

Place Interest Remark

City Tour
(Yayasan Sabah, Sabah State Mosque, City Mosque, UMS, Poh Toh Tse Buddhist Temple, Atkinson Clock Tower, Tanjung Aru Beach)

Local Food
(Anjung Selera – Likas Bay, Anjung Senja – KK City)
(Centre Point Sabah, Wisma Merdeka, Wawasan Plaza, KK Plaza,
Central Market)
Gaya Street Fair Local / People Open in Sunday morning
Donggongan Tamu Local / People Open in Thu and Fri morning
Night Life
(WaterFront, Shenanigan Fun Pub)
Local / People Wed is Lady’s Night?
Islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park
(Manukan, Sapi, Sulug, Gaya, and Mamutik Island)
Island & Beach Island hooping trip can be arranged
Sabah Museum Culture / History Closed on Friday
Monsopiad Cultural Village (in Penampang) Culture / History Ticket costs over RM20
Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre
(formerly KK City Bird Sanctuary)
Nature / Wildlife Closed on Monday
Orchid De Villa (in Inanam) Nature / Wildlife 3 KM gravel road
Lok Kawi Wildlife Park (Lokkawi Zoo) Nature / Wildlife Open daily from 9.30am to 5.30pm. Elephant Ride: 10.30am – 11.30am and 3.30pm – 4.30pm only

If you plan properly, you can even go to 4, 5, 6 places in a day. To make the list more complete and useful, please post your comment if you have any other recommendations. I believe many of you know KK a lot better than me.

8 thoughts on “One Day Trip in Kota Kinabalu

  1. I don’t think there’s much shopping can be done in Sabah haha. You should add “Pasar Bugis”(no offence but I don’t know the real name…) into your list, this is the one that my peninsular friends always ask me about. I forgot the exact location, but it should be near the market and the coastline.

  2. I think the one that you are talking about is the Philippine Village where people go to buy soveniors. (Correct me if I am wrong).

    SmokeHead, I would suggest you to make another guide: What to eat in Kota Kinabalu. I have lot of suggestions for that

  3. Is that the Philipino Market next to KK Central Market? I seldom went there. Surprisingly, even non-locals know this place got cheap pearl for sale.

    Yes, Emily, nothing much to shop in KK. If I were you, I will go to the “Bugis” Junction of Singapore. I really love that place.

    eztoyou, yes, that’s a good idea. Later I will post a guide on eating in KK.. Thank you first lah.

  4. Yes, thats it! Sorry again for saying “Pasar Bugis” I feel so stupid 🙁

    My friends that asked me about that market also wanted to buy pearls, but are they genuine? :-/

  5. I guess they are. Last time a friend from KL got a pearl bracelet for less than RM50 (if I am not mistaken). There were about 20 peanut-size small pearls linked together. The shape is a bit oval shape (not perfect round) and their shapes were not so regular. The color is slightly pink. I consider the quality of the craft is grade C.

  6. Anjung Selera/ Anjung Senja???
    No offence, but all the recommended places are horrible in food.. bring your halal friends here only if you wanna help them detox, they will get diarrhea soon enough. small places like kolombong/kapayan ridge/fohsang/damai offered better local food.

  7. Jambatan Tamparuli (the hanging bridge) or the one which can be found along Donggongon river.
    (try runnning along that hanging bridge OOOweeee)

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