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Miss Malaysia Tourism 2005 (Sabah State Selection)

Got addicted with my site? Kept on reloading the page yesterday and wonder why no new blog? 😀 Smoke Head was busy last night lah. There was a Miss Malaysia Tourism (Sabah State Selection Semi-Final) competition at BED pub (Waterfront) last night. 20 sexy ladies lined up to show their nose-bleeding figures in jean, beach and evening wear. It was so HOT that I give it a three thumbs up (don’t ask me to show my 3rd thumb ok. It is too private).


After I quit smoking, I seldom go to pub. Staying there is like smoking a dozen packs of cigarette, my shirt and hair become stink, the loud music also making my ears “yih yih yih…” until now. Anyway, for the welfare of my hungry readers, I decided to sacrifice my health.

The entrance ticket costs RM15. The subzero costs me RM25+. :’-< Hai.. so expensive... Me joble$$ lah.. The competition was started at 9:45 PM and ended around 12 AM. Quite enjoyable looking around there. Even if it was a Monday, it was still crowded. I noticed many girls were also as good-looking as the beautiful girls on the stage. Ok lah, Click Here to see 96 photos of Sabah beauties:


You should thank Smoke Head. MySabah.com is now one of the web sites that got the MOST number of Sabah pretty girls photos (any objection?). And you can find many pretty faces in my other photo albums too. If you want more, below are the quick links to other Beauty Contests photo galleries. Enjoy.. 🙂

Tour package to Semporna

1) Miss Merdeka
2) Miss Coconut Fashion Queen
3) Ratu Serimpak, Tamu Besar
4) Miss Sago, Pesta Rumbia

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

14 thoughts on “Miss Malaysia Tourism 2005 (Sabah State Selection)

  1. holly cow!! now i know why u generate so much traffic in a month.
    arent you glad u bought ur zoom zoom X12 toy.. hahaha.. Emily.. its your fault.
    hey.. smokehead, i tot u quit this clubbing scenes, that day you turned down my offer after the dinner.

  2. Waaaah… Taiko… sooo good ah you took the shot! I love beauty pageant! Can “cuci mata” one… Emily… why you don’t like beauty pageant ah? You should be proud! it is a celebration of women’s beauty ya know! 😛

  3. Tradewind, it was a semi-final competition that picked 12 finalists out of 20 candidates for the final. So far nobody really win anything. They just tried to get shortlisted.

    Yes, I was using my new toy. The outcome is quite ok. The first few shots are a bit blur coz I didn’t know their catwalk path. The zoom worked extremely well. I just sat at the chair to take all the pictures, without the need to move closer. Still need practice though..

    I turned down your offer bcoz you are not a female. That’s it. 🙂

  4. Stereotypical beauty that is. Which is why I love Dove’s current campaign, “Celebration of Real Beauty”. The idea is women can be beautiful no matter what age, shape or size.

  5. Good website i love your website a lot. =) you make sabahan proud. Perhaps one day if i really go back we might meet in real life eh ?

    =D i’ll treat you lunch

  6. Emily, I do agree with your view. The beauty has been narrowly defined. But I just view Beauty Pageant as something fun, but will not take their “standard” seriously.

    Kenny, no problem. Make sure you treat me seafood. 🙂 Just kidding..

  7. most of the pageants are Chubby. well, got baby fat still?? ^_^

    anyway, make me recall the catwalk during annual dinner.. I can see How Chubby & Sexy I was in eyes of the audiences! **Luckily nobody puke out their dinner** tsk tsk.


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