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Miss Sabah Tourism 2005

Last Tuesday I reported the semi-final of Miss Malaysia Tourism 2005 (Sabah State Selection) organised in BED (The Beach Club). There was a final on Oct 17. Somehow I felt that I was obligated to follow up the final result as well.

Dance by Art Collection

Though it was Monday, it could not stop the crowd from flooding in. There were 4 rounds, namely (1) Traditional costume, (2) Mini-skirt, (3) Beach wear, and (4) Evening dress. The top 3 winners will represent Sabah in Miss Malaysia Tourism competition held in Penang in Nov.

The result was not close to my expectation. But after second thought, I think the judges made the good choices. Besides a pretty face, the Miss Tourism should look like a kind and friendly person, the one that you feel comfortable to ask for road direction, and also the one that would nicely help the old people to cross the street.


The event was quite well organised. What I am a bit confused was – there were 12 finalists shortlisted in semi-final last week. How comes there were 15 finalists contested in the final? But nevermind lah, the more, the better. 🙂 Anyway, please click the picture below to view the photo gallery. I know it is hard, but please, don’t lick the monitor.

Tour package to Semporna

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Miss Sabah Tourism

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

8 thoughts on “Miss Sabah Tourism 2005

  1. thanxs for all the efforts ^_^, must be really ‘hard’ work huh. how much did they make u pay this time for entrance.
    looking at the photos.. i think contestent 13(wendy i think) should have won.. well.. she was abit on the skinny side.

  2. The entrance ticket was RM20. They should pay me for advertising for them. 🙂

    Yes, Wendy was one of the most likely champion and she got lot of supporters. The crowd turned crazy when seeing her. She was also doing very well in oral test. But no. 13 is not bad either. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and got nice figure.

  3. I think no 13 deserved what she got but no 14 should not decerved the award for 1st runner up.She look like an alien with that square shape face.

    She should not win that tittle for 1st runner up. Should be wendy cos she’s pretty and talented.

    Boo…to contestant no 14.

  4. i see you get a 12x camera already..
    but the photos still same like those 3x 🙂
    why dont you zoom closer ahh.. wan to see those
    pretty face clearly .. hehehe

    dun get angry ah ..

  5. i think because mr smokehead was sitting at the table taking the photos, not standing right at the front of the stage.

  6. ya, after getting the 12x, i am lazy to move already. 🙂 bayau, actually i wanted to take more close-up photos. But the problem with my camera is the flash took time to recharge. If I took one picture with flash, I have to wait 4 to 5 seconds for the flash to recharge, so i can take the next one. the contestants walked far already.. that means for every catwalk, i only had two chances to shoot. they usually walked very fast, especially those shy2 and inexperienced ones.

  7. Smokehead, does your camera come with an optioninal speed light? those external flash modules you can hook onto the top, but uses AA batts?

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