Fiddler Crabs, Again?

Newspaper Remember I mentioned that I wrote an article about fiddler crabs and mangrove forest? My article and photos are posted on the newspaper today. Feel happy but a bit disappointed though. I sent them 30 photos but they only used a few, so it could not really show how colorful are the fiddler crabs. It was quite a pain to write the article in Chinese, as I have forgotten so many words. I also found it very tired to do hand-writing.. Too bad I could not make a living writing stuffs like this for newspaper.

Today I am lazy to blog. So I prepare an incomplete comic for a sequence of funny pictures below, for you to fill in the blank. Let’s see how creative are my readers. 🙂 Have fun.


Photos taken in KK Wetland Centre, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

14 thoughts on “Fiddler Crabs, Again?

  1. Jen Says: I only date crabs with 2 Big Claws, do you have the 5C?

    congrats on the newspaper article again, which paper was it published in?

  2. it was published on sunday paper of Overseas Chinese Daily News (Hua Qiao).

    😀 2 big claws.. haha, that’s a good one. FYI, the fiddler crabs only can use small claw to feed. if the male fiddler crabs got two big claws, it will die of hunger.

  3. if male fiddler got 2 big claws, will end up as crab sticks or those crab claw starters in wedding dinners.. hahaha

  4. Thanks! Whats the malay name for these crabs? I forgot already. I used to see alot of them at Kuala Penyu mangrove forest, near the ferry area but they’re small and not as colourful though.

  5. Emily, malay for crabs is ‘ketam’ if i am not mistaken. i think what u saw were those mud crabs, ugly n dull. sea crabs are blue ish, but skinny.

  6. ya, emily, it is my real name in the newspaper.

    i dun know the bm term for fiddler crab, i will call them up to check. ya, the mud crab is bigger and ugly.

  7. I know already, its “Kasising” heehee. Thats what locals in Kuala Penyu call them. I also asked my mom to save your article in the paper back home heheh

  8. 🙂 No problem. You got seafood and my signature. How will you repay me?

    BTW, the BM term for Fiddler Crab is “Ketam Rebab”. This name is printed on their poster, so I assume it is the official term.

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