Party at Palm Beach Villas, Kinarut

The Streamyx always acts funny during the rainy days. It is a pain to update the blog now. No choice, have to use dial-up but it is slow, even uploading 3MB of photos makes me sweats. Goodness, I worry about the phone bill already. 🙁

If you read the newspaper last week, you would know that Wong Kwok organised a Thank You Party and Beach Concert at its Palm Beach Villas in Kinarut on Oct 23, 2005. There was also a 3-on-3 basketball match for boys and girls from 8 AM to 5 PM. I am not a fan of basketball game. But I am interested in taking some snapshots of athletes in action, coz their move and facial expression look great on photo. Can test my new camera too. 🙂


I was already there around 10 AM. Not bad, got unlimited free drink and lunch, later also got free dinner. I am a fair person. Since the organiser is so generous, I think they deserve a space in my blog. I took a walk at the beachside next to Palm Beach Villas. It was low tide and I could walk to the island about 1 KM away, so cool… The most interesting view is the sunset there. It is so beautiful… A lot of other photographers were also attracted and took a lot of photos. I will come back to take more photos in the future.

Kinarut Beach

The beach concert was started at 6:30 PM something. A number of Malaysia artists, namely, Chopsticker Sisters (Lim Yan Ling and Lim Yan Chin), Siao Ping Ping, Lau Yeong Nan, Nac Chee Ciang, Ho Foon + Hon Chun, Chai Ming Feng, Tan Weei Zee, and Do Re Mi, were invited to perform. But I didn’t see Yiam Ching. Besides, there were two hot dance performance. Please click the picture to view the photo gallery. It worths a look.

Tour package to Kinabatangan

Beach Concert

Photos taken in Kinarut, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

11 thoughts on “Party at Palm Beach Villas, Kinarut

  1. Wah! I haven’t heard of Chopstick Sisters since I was like… primary school? o_O (Maybe I’m exaggerating heheh)

    The sunset so pretty, smoke head next time must bring your gf for a romantic walk!

  2. hey smokehead ^_^, why they organise such things on a tuesday? no wonder your so busy.
    chopstick sisters sound familiar… but i donno where i heard it from.
    agree with emily, nice sunset shots.
    did u call up the streamyx hotline already to kau kau lecture them?
    hehehe… u can always ‘visit’ the office to upload the photos mah

  3. Ello, I enjoy reading up your blog, be it your amusing animal tale or your gory toe-nail disaster.

    But most of all, the events which you have been updating in the blog makes me miss home very much, especially the sunset you capture in Kinarut is even better. KK(totally!!) still have that magnificient scenary, and will always be there (hope so la).

    Keep updating with great news and stories. And perhaps you should keep on complaining(you might be good at it cuz you claim to be fault-finder) to Clickers whenever streamyx is down/slow, at least TM knows that some serious web surfers suffers!! (laughs)

    Gambate and ciao.


  4. yiam ching is not here as she was sick cause kena denggi….. hope she is alright….

    and do you guys know yiam ching is from SABAH? heheeh

    I’m lucky on 23.10.05 i no need to work and taking CNY MTV with those singer…together … i though was fun but getting tired cause from 5 am getting ready then finish at 3pm….

  5. Nice sunset there.

    I just came back from Sabah myself but not able to attend that party.

    Currently sorting my pictures. Will upload it asap…

    Anyway, agree with emily. That is really a nice place for you to bring your gf…

  6. 🙂 Haha… seem like everyone wants to bring gf there to watch sunset already. But I need a gf who can let me take bikini photos in that beach. I am always open minded and keen one. will share the photos with the whole world..

    thank you for the kind words from all of you. at least i feel more meaningful to maintain this blog.

    ya.. i knew yiam ching is from sabah. i was so disappointed not seeing her there. i tot she was there already in the morning launching. hope she will get well soon. is she in sabah now?

  7. wow, zero5phh, i really need to wash my ears after hearing the recorded phone conversation at ahtak’s blog. 😀 it is funny though.. thanks 4 sharing.

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