Borneo International Jewellery Fair

From the newspaper, I heard that there would be a grand launching for this jewellery fair at the Magellan Sutera Hotel today. There are exhibitors from Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Switzerland, Thailand… Personally I am not quite interested in jewellery coz wearing it will not make me look prettier. It will attract the robbers and kidnappers, more than beautiful girls. But seeing many liang moi (pretty girls) wearing expensive jewellery would be a cool photography subject, so I went there in the morning. I am quite happy with what I got below.

To share my happiness, click the individual thumbnail below to see larger photo. Click Harder, Ooohh.. yESs… (sorry if the jewellery doesn’t look clear coz I focus on something else):

Haha… I heard that many guys were so scared and left the town because of this exhibition. Those who go with their wifes or girlfriends will seek for hiding place once they walk in (If the couple doesn’t split up, I am quite sure that they are not married). Most of the time you will see a group of women look for best bargain, but their men missing in action. I do not have any wife or girlfriend, so I am safe.


I am not able to show the photos of the jewellery coz I can’t. When I point the camera to their jewellery, most exhibitors, especially those from overseas, will be so nervous that as if my camera will suck away their diamond. “Are you from the press?” “No, I am not.” “No, you cannot take picture…” They explained that they worried others would copy their brilliant design idea. Oh, I see… Then why they asked if I was from the press? Obviously they got two set of answers. If I am from a media, they would allow me to take picture and publish it on the newspaper. Isn’t that end up more people copy their idea? I don’t understand their funny logic. Well, nevermind, jewellery is not my main shooting target.

I was almost blinded by the sparkling of jewellery until I walked to a corner. I opened my eyes and saw dozens of ugly green stones with irregular shape (see picture below). They caught my attention coz they didn’t shine. I asked the exhibitor, “Heck, what is this? They look like broken pieces of beer glass bottle.” The exhibitor said, “These are Moldavite (glass meteor). They were formed by condensed vapors after being hit by a meteorite (shooting star)… They contain energy that can bring good health and fortune to you (Bull s**t!!! Yeah right), blah, blah, blah… (More bull s**t)” Sound interesting and I like jewellery that is different from others, so I bought it. The small one costs RM70. I believe it will bring me good health and fortune.

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Jewellery Fair

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

4 thoughts on “Borneo International Jewellery Fair

  1. I only can say there are some attractive promotion. It is hard to tell it whether the price is competitive coz they are not selling similar-looking items. Don’t know how to compare. Ask the ladies lah. 🙂 Anyway, don’t forget to bargain for more discount.

  2. i dont think the ladies would know any better. at the end of the day, just need to ask, is it worth it? its not like hp or computer parts, u can go online.. do some market survey and read some reviews. hard to see the ‘values’. a few collegues forked out a sum to buy some of the pieces

  3. Diamond and jewellery are just beautiful stones to me. Even if I own it, I don’t have much chance to wear them due to the poor safety in city. Those robbers even killed school kid and house wife, so scary… But I am interested in buying gold as investment.

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