Hari Merdeka 2005

Sorry for keeping you all waiting. My blog was not updated for 10 days because I was not in KK most of the time. From Sep 2 to 4, I was in Malacca. Sep 5 to 7, I was climbing Mount Kinabalu. Sep 8 to 11, I was in Kudat. Crazy tight schedule but little I could do to control it. Too many happening in September..

I just finished uploading the photos of Merdeka series. The Sep 16 Malaysia Day is approaching, so hopefully you are still in Merdeka mood to enjoy them. In general, the photo gallery pictures the Merdeka celebration in Sabah, namely, Merdeka Eve, Miss Merdeka Pageant, Merdeka Parade, and Malaysia flag everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Hari Merdeka 2005

  1. did u realise that alot of those that did hang around padang merdeka for the celebration did not look so ‘local’?
    its a amazing u actually you stayed for the merdeka eve and got up to be infront of promenade for the 6.30 parade

  2. Yes, the faces I saw there were different from the faces I usually saw in KK. 🙂

    FYI, I went back home at 1 AM and copied all the photos to computer and CD. I actually slept at 2 AM. Then I waked up at 5 PM. The police would block the road around 6 AM so I wanted to get there early to avoid parking my car too far away. After the parade ended at 9:30 AM, I went to Wawasan Plaza to see the Miss Merdeka at 12 PM. But they changed the starting time to 2 PM. I was so tired that I fell in sleep in the food court there for hours. 🙂

  3. actually.. every event hold anywhere around kk participated by om and PTi. even in shopping compleks.. just go to center point you can see..
    their fashion update from indonosia.if you have been to TV3 carnival.. almost all of them are not
    local people.. something like what you see at pasar malam (pasar pelipin) near center point.
    goverment just dont see this thing seriously..

  4. You are right. Many of them love to wander at Center Point. I was once helping a blood donation campaign in CPS. They need to show their I/C to register. I was surprised to see that 3 out of 10 donors were holding a IMM13…

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