Tanjung Aru

Hot shots in Tanjung Aru Beach

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It was a great photo opportunity at Tanjung Aru Beach, but the bad weather spoiled it. The rain was on and off. I didn’t realise that my lens was wet until the photos started to seem blur. After shooting thousands of sexy photos in the past, I thought I already “immune” to bikini models. My nose bleed again that day.

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The models have become sexier and more daring nowadays. The photographers became so wild that we simply shot and forgot all about photo composition, exposure, angle, etc. I wonder if there were photographers from porn magazines among us, as there were always some weird requests.

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The nice thing to work with experienced models is that they know how to pose and we don’t need to give them a lot of instructions. There were some familiar faces who were very relax and some new faces who were a bit tense.

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Hundreds of photographers with limited number of models, so you could imagine how packed it was. The flash never stopped, so I practically can take photos without flash (stealing light from others). Usually the photographers started taking photos from a distance. But there were always one or two idiots walked to the front and blocked the view, so everyone had to move nearer and nearer to the models, so close that everyone was blocking one another. Well, what to do.

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

4 thoughts on “Hot shots in Tanjung Aru Beach

  1. I agree with you that the models are getting more daring. Well, is it bad or good? I think it’s bad and good ^.^

  2. Hahahaha your nose bleeding aa.. regarding those idiots.. I agree with you.. some of them just suddenly appear right at the end of my lens and ruining my capture! Most of them were not Sabahan I think.. hmmm..

  3. Easy …. Set your Flash to manual mode and 1/1 Power, then flash at the back of the head of those who are blocking you, I am sure you can smell some burnt … LOL !

  4. lol, thanx ah tak. i will try til i see fire come out of his head. it is gonna to be more fun than shooting the models. 🙂

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