Monsopiad Cultural Village

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Site Layout of Monsopiad House of Skulls Photos near entrance 360 view at entrance See the shop Rice storage 360 view inside long house Photos of long house 360 view in center Photos outside main hall 360 view outside the main hall 360 view of theatre Photos inside the theatre 360 view on the hanging bridge 360 view of the main hall Photos inside the main hall 360 view facing the river Photos of playground 360 view of the playground 360 view inside the house

The Monsopiad Cultural Village was established for remembrance of the great Kadazan Warrior and Head Hunter Monsopiad. It is the only cultural village, which features Kadazan Dusun tradition, and 300 years old historical spot that really worth a visit in Sabah. Cultural dances and outstanding guided tour are provided to make your experience more fulfilling and interactive.

There is no better place to bring you back to the head hunting and learn more about Bobohizans, the female with high priestesses of the Kadazan. They managed the village and took care of the health and spiritual matters of their people. One of the highlight is their House of Skulls, where the real human skulls, the headhunting trophies aged over 300 years, were hanged. The village is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

House of Skulls