Scary Fun Fair

Yes, guys, I know it is “out” already to talk about the fun fair thing. Guess many of you had tried it. I only went there on Thursday (ya, the same day I got food poisoning), coz I wanted to avoid the long queue.

Fun Fair

Undoubtedly, I am a serious guy so I was looking for serious fun. So I “shopped” around…

Fun Fair

Fun Fair

The Mushroom Ride looks just like a Merry-Go-Around. I played it in Canada before and felt really stupid riding on it. NEXT!

Tour package to Semporna

Fun Fair

The Apollo looks cool but everyone is so relaxing on it. I guess it is hardly thrilling unless you got height phobia. NEXT!

Fun Fair

Finally, the Air Force 1. I heard many friends highly recommended it. From the scream volume of those people, could judge that the ride was a horrifying experience. But very expensive lah, RM10… Until I see…

Fun Fair

So I decided to try. Actually, I looked down its scary level coz it just swinged up and down in low height. I was death wrong. The momentum and G force were so strong that I had a near-to-death feeling. Under the high speed, all my internal organs were like turning upside down in my body. I didn’t shout but I was really terrified. Goodness… I will never forget that feeling. The friend sat next to me said, “I feel great to be alive.” Ya… I also felt great not shitting in my pant, consider I got diarrhea earlier that day. When it was over, I could not stand still already. I also got serious air-sick that made me wanted to throw out. BTW, the fun fair opens until Feb 4, if you haven’t been there. To have an orgasm romantic time with your love one, don’t forget to try Air Force 1.

Newly Added (Jan 9, 2007)
Click Here to watch the video clip of people being tortured by AirForce1

6 thoughts on “Scary Fun Fair

  1. i was just at the bank tonight.. wow.. u can hear the screams from there.. its that.. ‘KICK’ not bad for a ride that lasts 2 minutes 30 seconds… but i think it lasted like 2 minutes 15 seconds too long…

  2. I went there during “bulan tua” (mid Jan) on a Sunday, after the holiday season. It was a good decision – hardly anybody there.

    Lessons learnt:
    – dont bring too many kids (I brought 3, bad mistake!)
    – if you did, dont bring less than RM200!

  3. Me and ma fiance went during christmas week! Brought my 18 & 26 yrs old sis and bro along…not bad! the kick-ass ride was really fun.

    We did not go home empty handed because my brother played the “gun” game and went home happy cuz we had 3 stuffed toys!(1 big bulldog, 2 small one)…he attempted 5-6 times :p

  4. ya, it is costly. everyone can easily spend over RM20 each if bring kids along. nevermind lah, treat it as a new year celebration and have fun. not many chances we have this in town. tomorrow is the last day, i think.

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