Gong Xi Fa Chai

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! Wish all your dreams come true this year. Have you all taken a walk at Segama night market? This year you may like to have a look at the night market at Foh Sang of KK too. The market is much more smaller but the view there is really fascinating. There are hundreds of small lanterns hanging on top. Beautiful… I took some pictures and share two of them here. Oh, if I am not mistaken, they close on 1st day (today) of Chinese New Year, in case you want to go there.

Foh Sang Night Market

Foh Sang Night Market

Due to the new year, everyone is in good mood. If you walk around in town, you will frequently hear friends meet up on the street and have happy and warm greeting opening such as below:

Ah Lee: “Hi.. Ah Chen, long time no see!!! Where the fuck were you? You still not death meh?”

Ah Chen: “Aiya.. I OK lah, Lee. No hole No broken. You Chee-Bye lah, never call me one.”

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Ah Lee: “Diau!~ You not bad mah, fat like a pig already. Must be eat good, sleep good lah!”

Ah Chen: “C-Fuu lah!!! Mana got as good as you?! How is Ah D?”

Ah Lee: “Oh, Ah D? That Ling-C start his own business already..”

Ah Chen: “$^%your*&mother #@-+…”

Ah Lee: “*&G#-XXX}|18~!generation64H!@…”

(So sweet… isn’t it? Sorry if you don’t understand the script, get a Hakka friend to translate for you.)

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  1. Gong Xi Gong Xi Fa Chai Smokehead, ang paw na lai!!!!
    funny enought.. ur script is more or less how some of us talk when meeting up with old friends… well.. sometimes add a few hakka spicy words lah.

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