Food Poisoning

Last night I didn’t blog coz I felt really sick. Last Wednesday I ta pau some “Sarawak Kon Lau Mee” as dinner from a night stall next to ThaiSeng Supermarket in Taman Tai Tet. Then the following morning my stomach got severe pain that cut like a knife. My mom also said she puked. Probably that dumped all the dirty stuffs from her body so she was ok, though feeling a bit uncomfortable. I had diarrhea twice in less than 30 minutes and the pain was getting inbearable, so I decided to see a doctor. After taking some medicines and had a rest, I was ok.

I eat out quite often, so getting food poisoning once or twice per year is not something unusual. In fact, I don’t even attribute it as an “accident” or “unlucky” incident, sadly, coz it is too common. I think nearly 50% of the “sick leave” I took in the past 5 years were related to food poisoning. Someone told me that Food Poisoning is one of the top reason for taking MC in Malaysia. Not sure if it is true, but no surprise to me.

Pills This time I see another doctor and I got less medicines (see picture) and it works fine. Last time I saw different doctor who was quite “popular” in his prescription. For the same sickness, he gave me 5 very colourful capsules. He explained to me, one was for stopping the pain, one to kill the bad germs (antibiotic?), one to stop the puke, one to stop the diarrhea, and one to ease the muscle ache. It was so scary that I almost wanted to knee down and crawled to him, “Doc, please… Is there anything seriously wrong with my body but you didn’t tell me? Please… let me know if I am going to die. But before that, would you please issue a 6-month MC for me?…”

That’s why I don’t like to see doctor… too much antibiotic nowadays. I know in certain developed countries, sometimes the doctors only give you advice and don’t ask you to take any medicine (ya, you still need to pay). Haha… In Malaysia, if you come back from a clinic with an “empty hand”, people would say, “Aiyo… what happen to that doctor ah? Does he really know to cure or not? Don’t give you any medicine? No!? Not even some vitamin pills? Aiya, RUGI lah you… next time don’t look for him again.”

3 thoughts on “Food Poisoning

  1. sure its not because of flying airforce1? it really can create an artificial need to go pupu alot and vomit?

  2. My last food poisoning was a few years ago at a food court (buffet style) at a popular Bukit Bintang shopping complex. It was not pretty…

  3. pinolobu, what was not pretty? the output? hehe…

    u r lucky lah, i got food poisoning at least twice per year. probably my stomach is weak or i always choose the wrong place for food.

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