Please Lah, Show Your Butt

Today even Ah Dog, Ah Cat also got car. Despite the expensive parking fee, looking for a free parking space has become a time-consuming job of city people. It is already annoying not finding any free space. I get even more irritated when I see the “empty” space is actually occupied by a Kancil or Kelisa. A feeling of kena “fooled”. Guess many have the same experience?

I am quite sure that the phenomenon of Malaysia roads being flooded by toy cars is so unique that you won’t see this in other parts of the world. The tourists will be shocked to see this, “Wow! You Malaysia got so many dwarfs kah?” Luckily these cars suck so bad that most other countries refuse to import it.



5 thoughts on “Please Lah, Show Your Butt

  1. Well… its true tat every dog and cat have a car now… I cant imagine, if this trend goes on, how packed is KK road in the morning and after work during weekdays… It’ll be jammed like sh*t.. Just last week, I was stucked in front of Padang Merdeka for 30 mins, only move for around 1~2 car’s speace, which is less than 10 meters… 30 mins, move less than 10 meters.. This is worst than in KL.. The goverment should really do something about it, make our road a 3 lane road.. Otherwise, I dun think I’ll wan to go to KK anymore… But sad, even Inanam, Lido, Damai also like tat.. I’m gonna equip my home wif everything I wan. :p

    Stay at home !!!!!

  2. yes… smokehead, way too many times i been cheated into thinking in the packed parking lot there is just a fee lot just for me. ahh.. the anguish as i swing in and find a tiny car taking up only 1/2 the lot. they should make new parking sizes for this micro cars

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