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Best Model Competition (Semi-Final)

Sorry for not updating the blog for nearly 2 weeks. And thanks for all the comments you post. I will try to post the reply ASAP. There are hundreds of new photos that I would like to upload. Be patient ye. My line is not totally fixed yet.

Here you go, the photos of Best Model Competition Semi-Final (a.k.a. Female Model Search) at Waterfront’s BED on April 17 (last Monday night). Before that, there was a photography session with all the male and female models on April 16 at Tanjung Aru Beach. That day I was still in Semporna so I could not make it. Too bad…

Best Model Competition
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BED was really crowded that night. I could hardly move in the crowd. All the seats were reserved and I was pushed to stand at the side of the stage lah. This was one of my worst photoshooting experience. Many photos turned up blur or dark. Really hate the Sony Cybershot, very very very slow in focusing and flash recharge. Well, don’t have $ to invest in better camera, what to do?

There were 3 sessions in the competition for 22 female models, namely, casual wear, beachwear, and gown. The models were supposed to do catwalk. However, a few of them were like scared birds and walked very fast (so shy, then why want to become a model???). So… I missed some shots. At the end, 10 models would be selected as the finalists for another competition again on other day.

Best Model Competition
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Overall, all the models are quite good looking and have good figures. If you ask me whom I like the most, I would say No. 10. She got the look, figure and style. And also… See the last photo in the photo gallery, then you will understand loh. Haha…

17 thoughts on “Best Model Competition (Semi-Final)

  1. so disappointing ler the girls…where r all the beautiful sabahans??
    anyway no.18, what is that black thing she’s wearing??looks like a dress & a swim suit O_o

  2. Look, Laeticia.. I’m sorry if my word hurts some that might read this. But I think, those who’re truly beauty will not go up the stage and show off. They’ve nothing to prove, coz they’re, as I said, beauty.

    Therefore, those who go up the stage, I’m sorry to say this, most of them are not really beauty. They’re quite ok looking, and they wanna prove themselves.. :p

  3. Some of the gals not even qualified to be a model…hehehe what to do they like popularity…
    Cheers to all Sabahan Gals!!

  4. hmm…i like to see the beautiful ladies there but some of them had join unduk ngadau..then join the mis tourism…so what actually the value??popularity??or to promote the sabahan tourism??hmm..wondering…

  5. i agree wit all of opinion…as a girl,woman,women…i think diz is not da way to show ur popularity by showing off ur body…im very dissapointed..

  6. I dont think no 10 is even pretty. . .her figure is ok. . but still not consider pretty in my point of view. . . and model i think whoeva got the body also can join. . .such a no talent job or thiings to do. .waste of time. . .yea and i agree pretty girls dont have to go on the stage and SHOW OFF!!!!

  7. I like to see no 18 de poses n her evening dress.. i heard that this coming 7 n 21st May have Model search again.. Hope to see mope pretty pic.

  8. no 18 also can be model. . .then everyone on earth also can. . .my god!!!!!!!!cover up the face plss. . . .sorrie. . .to offend. . .but i jes…….

  9. Not every one so brave can stand on the stage.. i just gip my comment la.. i din said she can be a model.. her evening dress very special ONLY ok..

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