Maize Fest (Pesta Jagung), Kota Marudu (Nov 12-13)

Finally I went to Kota Marudu, my first time being there. Before I departed, I asked my friends and family what are the places of interest in Kota Marudu. All of them looked at me with blank face. Ok then.. I took a mini-bus, after 2 hours, I arrived Kota Marudu. Gee.. there was a power blackout. Luckily the electricity was back after 15 minutes.

Kota Marudu is a small town with some blocks of shop houses, and surrounded by sea of coconut trees. At first I saw nothing unique about this town. But in the evening of second day, around 6 PM, the view shocked me. I was walking to the venue of Pesta Jagung, and I saw thousands of birds all over the sky and wires, making hell lot of noise. Seem like there are more birds in this town than people. I didn’t bring my cap so I ran as quick as possible to avoid being bombard by bird sh*ts. Just check out the photos below.

Birds... Birds!!!

There were some games in the first day of Pesta Jagung. I participated in the blowpipe competition. Using a blowpipe to hit a corn 20 feet away is easier to say than do, and it was windy that day. I got 3 darts but missed it totally. In fact, after 3 rounds by 20 participants (each with 3 chances), we hit the corn the 3rd time. I won nothing but taste the saliva of 20 other participants left on blowpipe. Goodness, I kissed 20 guys indirectly…

Photo Gallery 1: Activities in Maize Fest

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Tour package to Semporna

Guys, you should thank Smoke Head again for bringing you more photos of Sabah beauties. The Maize Beauty Fashion Queen Pageant is the highlight of Maize Fest. This is the 5th time this event is organized but probably the first time you can see these online. If you look at the photos closely, you will find that the pretty ladies were wearing “jewellery” made of corn leaves and seed.

Photo Gallery 2: Maize Beauty Queen Competition
Maize Queen

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Photos taken in Kota Marudu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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  1. where do u get this info for all this events? hhee.. thanxs for the maize beauties photos.. no horror stories of the hotels in kota marudu this time huh?

  2. i got the info from sabahtourism. com or sabahtravelguide. com.

    i was staying in Marudu Inn Hotel. it is big, clean and comfortable. RM50 per night (single bed). I would say it is one of the best budget hotels in Sabah.

  3. hi..erm, i going 2 kota marudu u plz gve me lists of all villages in dat division? (2 b more specific,in pitas)8:)

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