ZCHEN in Sabah

The ZCHEN show was started at 8 PM on Nov 2, 2005 in KDCA, Kota Kinabalu. It was a rainy day. I arrived there around 7:25 PM and the parking lot at KDCA was already 90% full.

Seem like my camera got some attention (respect?). The guards there kept on asking if I was a reporter. Actually to make my task ran smoother and gained access nearer the stage, I should have answered Yes. Otherwise they would chase me away like a wild rat if I got too close to the stage. Haha… nevermind, this time is different, now my camera got 12x optical zoom. The tough day is over…


It was a Hotlink promo tour, so it was not really a concert. ZCHEN sang a few songs, invited a few audiences to play game, sang a few more songs, then ended the show with signature gathering at 9:30 PM. From the 1-hour queue, can tell that the response was good. You guys are lucky coz you can see all these photos online, before the newspapers published this news on Friday.

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Tour package to Kinabatangan

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

7 thoughts on “ZCHEN in Sabah

  1. Nice to see that ur big gun is getting you some respect. next time try wear a media vest, see if they let u in without asking.
    wonder how soon would the press be paying for your photos

  2. You’ve posted all the exclusive photos here. :

    The Chinese NewsPaper didn’t show much photos on this mini concert too. so far, I just saw a small column & 1 photo in the newspaper. ^_^

  3. That’s why I think I deserve more respect. Malaysians do not take bloggers seriously. Most don’t even know what is blog.

    The blog has become an important third media. Even big corporation like Microsoft, HP… are also afraid of them coz certain popular blogs can sink your business..

  4. maybe hotlink should give u some exclusive with Z chen right? why waste all their promo efforts and need to PAY to put advert in papers and only get a tiny story with black and white photos, then they can HAVE YOU SMOKEHEAD, and get the a 1/2 webpage exclusive promo and colour photos ^_^.

  5. No worry. Now you know him. But most likely you may have heard one or more of his song, e.g. sleepless city, 3AM morning, bless me…

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