Juicy Satay

Probably this satay is not new to you. But I tried it the first time only a few weeks ago in Kota Marudu. It was night time so I could not see clearly what this satay made of. At first I was attracted by its oily golden color, looked so delicious.

I thought it was chicken nugget, so I bought one. Only RM1, quite cheap. When I bite it, I could feel that it was so “juicy”. “Wah, the meat is really soft and smooth but a bit oily leh.” When I looked closer, it was chicken tail. I was not quite comfortable with eating skin and fat of chicken “butt”, so I did not finish it. Ya, I know many of you love it, but it is a bit hard for me to accept it…

Chicken Butt

6 thoughts on “Juicy Satay

  1. haha. not that colourful. but got Red, yellow, brown..

    anyway.. still dont dare to eat them.. even somesays delicious~~

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