Catching Something

Remember last year I asked you to guess what were those people caught at Tanjung Aru Beach? This time I want you to guess another one. This happened at Sawangan Beach of Kuala Penyu.


One day I was wandering at Sawangan Beach and found two village women busy looking for something. I followed them and saw what they did. They used a long stick to poke the hole in the sand. I asked them what they caught. They showed me the THING and said the catch that time was not good due to the hot day, that THING didn’t want to eat.


They used a stick, with sago as a bait at the end. When they saw a “suspicious” hole, they would insert the stick into the hole. Then slowly they pulled the stick out. If the THING attracted by the bait, it would follow the bait and got out of the hole. The woman was also holding another iron Y-stick waited outside the hole. When half of its body came out, the woman would use the Y-stick to press the THING to the sand, so it could not escape and retreat to the hole. Then she used her hand to pull the THING out of the hole.

Before you click the picture below for answer, make a guess first.

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So… did you get it right? You should check out the video clip below to see how they catch the THING:


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  1. Hey!! this is really cool man!! i was born and raised in kuala penyu–and the good thing about it(guess what?!)–i lived just by the seaside where you’ve taken these pictures!! isn’t it a great thing now that i’m away, far away from home oversea, i still can see shore that had always been my playground! i guess it’ll have to wait til i’m home in the future to do this octopus catching again! i’m a pro ya know! well, sort of! home sweet home..argh!! i miss home!!

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