big hermit crab

Wild Gaya Island

Gaya Island is big. If you walk inside its forest, you would not believe that you are on an island.

Gaya Island

Below are photos of what I saw along the jungle trail there. The cup fungi is so cute. I am quite curious what function its hair has.

Cup fungi

You can find many snails on the forest floor. They seems to be more sensitive than normal garden snails, probably they smell the insect repellent on my skin. It is so warm and humid in the forest. No wonder people call it rainforest, I sweat like rain.


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Mangrove forest near the beach area, with some rubbish trapped between their root.

Mangrove forest

This hermit crab as big as my fist. When I held its shell, it slipped its body out of its shell
and ran away nakedly.

Hermit crab

Very often you will hear red skink lizard running on the dry leaves when you approach. They are not only commonly found here, you can see many of them in inland forest too. They have beautiful red skin.

Red Skink

There were about a dozen of bats roosted under a big rock. They kept an eye (or an ear?) on me. The photo below shows them in an alert and ready-to-fly-away mode.


The ranger at Padang Point showed me an antique they dug out from the ground during site construction. It looks like an old machine left behind by British and its function is unclear. Do you know there is another “Gaya Island” in Semporna? Note its mountain looks like the face of an old man.

Gaya Island

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Photos taken in Gaya Island, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

6 thoughts on “Wild Gaya Island

  1. Nice DOF in the lizard picture! The unknown antique looks like the machine to make rubber ummm… “sheets”. (Kepingan getah). Not sure if it is, but it looked very similar.

  2. Its Nice and natural island but sayang , majoriti resident ia PATI not local people.

    Gaya island belong to PATI ? Its true?

  3. Risad, there is a mix of PTIs and local people on Gaya Island. the Gaya Island is divided into 2 parts. The part facing KK is residential area, while the rest is protected area of Sabah Parks (belong to government).

  4. The unknown antique was the anchor chain roller for a ship, i have done research on that on that kind of thing and i knew it when i saw that picture.Anyway, i love you site design and presentation, good revenue.

    I wish that you can take note about the new development of Sabah New Mega Long in Penampang.

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