Yu Huang Temple, Tuaran

If you go to Tuaran, you may take a short walk at the Yu Huang Temple. To get there, on the way from Kota Kinabalu to Tuaran, you will see a junction at the right, about 1.5 KM before Tuaran town. The temple is about 100 Meters away from the main road. The first thing you will see inside is the 12 Chinese Zordiac sign. I took a picture next to my zordiac sign too. But I like the dog statue the most. Haha… like me mah.

Yu Huang Temple

There were a bunch of children noticed that I was taking pictures, so they all climbed on the snake statue, yelled and asked for a photograph. I took one picture and quick quick walked away. If they broke the statue, the owner would think that I encouraged them.

Yu Huang Temple

The 10-feet tall Dragon Door is also a very creative design. As you can see in the photo below. The back of the dragon extended out from the door as the roof.

Yu Huang Temple

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3 thoughts on “Yu Huang Temple, Tuaran

  1. ehh?i didnt notice the dog is..umm high..i will double check it when i go there..

    why u didnt go to the grand opening of that temple last january(forgot the date)…i went there to record the firework at night…i live very near that temple..:)

  2. hi jessie, how u know that i was not there? but true lah, i didn’t go coz i had job to do. so sad… 🙁

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