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I brought my aunty to Tuaran during Chinese New Year. My aunty was born in Tamporuli, so she went to Tuaran very often during her old school days. So we took a morning walk at Tamu (local native market) to bring back her childhood memory. Actually Tuaran is also an important place in my childhood. Whenever my family visited Tuaran, I liked to play around in Tuaran Tamu, which is open on every Sunday morning. They sell ANY kind of stuffs here. At that time, there was no Parkson, Servey, Bestmart… so the Tamu was like a big supermarket to me.

Tuaran Tamu

I still remember the suspension bridge that scared the sh*t out of me when I was a little boy. One day, my father brought me to cross the bridge. When I looked down, I was scared by the swift river under my feet. I cried and not dare to move further, so we were stuck in the middle. I remember my father asked me to close my eyes then he hugged me to cross. So malu…

Tuaran Pagoda Ling San

Click to Enlarge The 9-Storey Pagoda Ling San has become a tourist attraction in Tuaran. When I first saw this tall building, it reminded me of the kung fu movie scenes. You know lah, the people fly up and down, fighting from first floor to top floor. The view from the top of the building is fascinating. That’s why you can see a lot of locals dating there. Somebody may feel unhappy about this and post something funny in the pagoda (see the left). FYI, you need to pay RM1 (USD0.50) to buy an entrance ticket.

Surrounding the pagoda are a garden and a temple. You also can find statues of many familiar legendary and fairy tale characters. Everything is so nicely designed and colorful. I took some pictures and share them here, but this only shows very small part of their craft works. It is better you go there to see it yourself.

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If you are a Chinese, you should know a lot about dragon, right? Let me test you. Look at the pictures below, why some dragons got 4 claws and some got 5 claws? Try to guess. I will tell you the answer later.

Dragon Claws

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3 thoughts on “Trip to Tuaran

  1. Correct me if i am wrong smokehead, 5 claw dragon is reserved for royalty or the king back in china, so if normal people were to have a dragon on their house or door, they will be executed. so they came up with the idea of having a 4 claw dragon, so their dragon on doors..etc dont match the king’s dragon, so they dont offend the king.
    well.. thats the version i heard lah, why some paintings have 5 some have 4.

  2. hello..i been to ur site many times but this time made me want to post abt the funny text u say from the Ling San Temple…

    well they have story abt that text written there..for the recent yrs..should be after the pagoda open to public la…lot of the local fan to date there…and sometimes “date until into toilet”(which is at the lower ground of the “wang tai”.beside the small hall..a bit unseen by pple)..

    so the workers there caught many couple dating inside the 1 time i was drink tea with my family at the ground flr of the pagoda..the shop owner’s son and the shop worker ran fast to the toilet and bug those love bugs away..if i am not mistaken they already made police report cos they cant control the situation cos not many pple working at the temple..

    this what i know la cos i am tuaran ngin..>.

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