hanging bridge in mangrove

Tanggui Beach

Kudat has a lot of nice and clean beaches. At our so-called famous beaches around KK, floating rubbish such as water bottle and plastic bag are so common. Tanggui Beach is not particular beautiful but I hardly see any garbage washed to the shore.

Cloudy day

Personally I am quite disappointed to see what is happening to our sea and islands near developed region. Years of traveling in Sabah shows me how dirty Sabah is. If we don’t work harder on the cleanliness now, the tourists will go somewhere else. We won’t see the effects now, until only few tourists are willing to come to our beaches, after some years.

Suspension bridge

Getting to Tanggui Beach takes a 20-min walk. I walked through a muddy trail and a long suspension bridge. The sea waves were quite rough that day.

Tanggui Beach

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The weather was really bad. It was a rainy and windy day. Most of the time, I held umbrella with one hand, another hand with camera to take photo.

Tanggui Beach

Despite the cold weather, I still found some village boys swimming. When they saw me taking their photos, they were so excited, waving hands at me and even did dolphin jump. I already felt so cold on the dry land. Really can’t understand why they are so enjoyable in the cold water.

Kids swimming at Tanggui Beach

This beach gets some interesting spots for outdoor shooting. Too bad I didn’t try it due to the rainy day. I will introduce you the Terongkongan Beach in next blog. That one is really worth a visit and I spent a long time on it (a lot of photos, of course).

Kids swimming

Photos taken in Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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  1. Hi
    i luv your photos n info in yr blog.
    i am going to Kudat next april and would appreciate some advice. I also like to visit yr so call fish spa

  2. hi wyuenc, the fish spa is in ranau. 2 know where 2 go in Kudat, u can search “Kudat” in my blog. there are some articles.

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