Modern Kudat longhouse

Modern Longhouse

Continued from my blog about Misompuri Homestay in Lajong Village of Kudat town…

Anyone know what are the things in the photo below? I saw them hang in the house of this village..

Unknown stuffs

The guides took me to take a look at the “modern” longhouse in Lajong Village. This longhouse was built during the time Sabah state ruled by Berjaya Party. They call it modern longhouse because the structure is quite different from the traditional longhouse of Rungus people, though both designs look alike. This is just one of the many longhouses like this in Kudat.

Modern Longhouse

First, this longhouse is not totally built from wood. They use zinc material to make the roof. The locals say many trees and forest are cleared for development. Without the tree as wind shield to block the strong wind and storm, their houses really need stronger structure.

Tour package to Mataking

Modern Longhouse

And it is taller and longer. I guess it is about 100 Metres from one end to another. The building has 2 levels. The guide showed me around. I saw some residents were socializing outside. At first I was a bit hesitate to take their photos, and I thought it was rude to take photos in private area. The people there would think tourists like me view them like an animal in the zoo cage. The guide told me it was perfectly alright and she was right. They are very friendly and don’t mind to pose for a shoot.

People of Modern Longhouse

There are over 30 families living in this longhouse. They even have a grocery store in here.

Modern Longhouse

Just drop by to say Hi and take a photo, then exit without buying anything…

Modern Longhouse

Another thing that amazes me is all the “apartment” does not close the door. When I pass by, basically I can see them watching TV, sleeping, eating, and doing other private businesses inside. Personally I am not that open. I will slap the door at their nose, if I find someone are curious about my living room. Everyone looks so free and relax, even the dogs.

Modern Longhouse

One of the apartments is preparing the rooms for homestay (see photos below). They even have refrigerator and TV.

Homestay in Modern Longhouse

There are still two more blog about the Misompuri homestay. Sorry for being slow on update. I have been sick for 2 weeks. Need rest badly as my brain does not function very well… Later.

Photos taken in Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

5 thoughts on “Modern Longhouse

  1. So what are the stuff hanging in the first photo? I am interested to know about their homestay “style” once the apartment is ready. Will it be like those backpackers’ lodge? Also, get well soon!

  2. i also dun know what are those things..

    the longhouse homestay is still under construction so i m not sure. the room is kind of small and warm. i think it will b less comfortable than the backpacker lodge.

    if u want 2 stay in longhouse, i would strongly recommend u try Bavanggazo homestay.

  3. da> tq.. i am feeling ok now. but my legs shake when i stand too long, guess no fully recover..

    Emily> i really dun know what they are. the one at the left look like a fish. the one at left like a alien bone, isn’t it.

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