Food of Semporna

What and Where to Eat in Semporna

Semporna town is the transit point for tourists who visit the best islands of Sabah, so many of them may spend a day or two in this small town. However, after the tour to Skull Hill and proboscis monkey river cruise, there is nothing left to do there. But hey, why not trying out the seafood in Semporna, as the price of seafood in Semporna is probably the cheapest in Sabah?

Personally I can recommend you three seafood restaurants. All of them are in town centre and within walking distance from any Semporna hotel and lodge. Please note all price is in RM (Malaysian currency) (USD1≈RM3.2) as of Aug 2013.

1. Mabul Café & Seafood Restaurant

Chinese Name: 满布海鲜饭店

Mabul Café has a wide selection of Asian and Western food, so most foreign tourists can find anything they want, from chicken chop, fried rice, noodle soup to seafood. That’s why you can always see groups of tourists there having seafood and a couple of beer. The famous dishes of Mabul Cafe are 3 Rasa Fish (Fish with 3 tastes), Black Pepper Lamb & Steak and Grilled Squid, and the signature drink is Mango Sago.

Mabul Cafe of Semporna
Pic: Mabul Cafe is located in Semporna town centre, easily recognised by its hanging buoys.

interior of Mabul Cafe
The restaurant is on first floor. During meal time, it is full of tourists.

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Seafood Tom Yam soup
Pic: Seafood Tom Yam soup

Pic: fresh prawns

steamed fishes
Pic: steamed fishes. We have so many fresh seafood so Sabah people seldom have frozen seafood.

spicy chicken
Pic: spicy chicken meat

mixed vegetables
Pic: fried mixed vegetables

food menu of Mabul Cafe
Pic: you can click the photo above to see the food menu.

night market of Semporna
Pic: view of Semporna night market from Mabul Cafe

Below is the contact of Mabul Cafe:
Facebook: Mabul-Cafe
Tel: +60 89-781785
Opening Hours: 11am – 10:30pm daily
Address (see location map): Mabul Café & Seafood Restaurant, Lot 39 & 40, Block G, 1st Floor, Semporna Seafront New Township, 91300 Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia.

2. Ocean Treasure Live Seafood Restaurant

Chinese Name: 海中宝

If you want the best seafood, just head to Ocean Treasure Live Seafood Restaurant without thinking twice. Not only they serve very rich variety of seafood, they also can cook a seafood in 10 different styles, based on your preferences. Besides lobster, fishes, seashells and prawn, they also sell exotic seafood such as stone fish, mantis shrimp and sea cucumber.

Ocean Treasure Live Seafood Restaurant

Ocean Treasure Restaurant of Semporna
Pic: Ocean Treasure Live Seafood Restaurant

I went there once to have seafood noodle as a quick lunch, so I didn’t order any seafood dish. They are quite generous in quantity and the food tastes great.

seafood noodle
Pic: crunchy noodle with seafood

seafood flat noodle
Pic: wet noodle with seafood

food menu of Ocean Treasure Live Seafood Restaurant
Pic: you can click the photo above to download their food menu. You will be impressed by the variety.

The following is the contact of Ocean Treasure Live Seafood Restaurant:
Website: (may not work)
Facebook: Ocean-Treasure-Live-Seafood-Restaurant
Tel: +60 16-3239009
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm daily
Address (see location map): Lot C1, Ground Floor, Semporna Seafront Township, Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia. (located beside Sipadan Inn II)

3. Pearl City Restaurant

Chinese Name: 珠城海鲜楼
Malay Name: Restoran Bandar Mutiara

This restaurant is inside Dragon Inn Floating Resort. It is open to guests as well as public.

Dragon Inn Floating Resort
Pic: Dragon Inn Floating Resort

floating seafood restaurant of Semporna
Pic: Pearl City Restaurant is built in the sea

Pearl City Restaurant
Pic: Pearl City Restaurant is the largest seafood restaurant of Semporna

fried squid
Pic: fried squid of Pearl City. Many say it’s a must try.

sweet and sour fish
Pic: sweet and sour fish

butter prawns
Pic: butter prawn, yum yum, my favorite..

fried curry squid
Pic: fried squid with spicy curry flavor

seafood claypot
Pic: claypot seafood and vegetables

sea view of Semporna
Pic: the nice sea view is a bonus for diners in this restaurant

For more info about Pearl City Restaurant, here is their contact:
Tel: +60 89-781099
Opening Hours: 7am – 9:30pm daily
Address (see location map): No.1, Jalan Custom, Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia.

4. Semporna Weekend Market

When you are enough with seafood, you may try the local snacks in Semporna open market, which is open in weekends in town centre (see location map).

weekend market of Semporna
Pic: Semporna open market is crowded with people and you can buy almost anything here.

stall in Semporna market
Pic: check out the food stall

fried banana fritter with cheese
Pic: one of the snacks you must try is fried banana fritter with cheese.

cheese potato wedges
Pic: cheese potato wedges, costs only RM4 (≈USD1.25)

cheese potato skewers for sale
Pic: look at the cheese potato skewers, they are so tempting, also RM4 each.

cheese potato of Semporna
Pic: cheese potato skewer is big enough as my lunch.

I hope you know where to eat in Semporna now. Do share with me if you know any other nice places for eat out.

Photos taken in Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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