Warisan Square Party

Warisan Square Fashion Show Happy New Year 2007! How was your celebration? I hope the never-ending rain didn’t affect your holiday plan. MySabah.com is hosted in US, not Malaysia, so the slow line caused by Taiwan earthquake was (and is) affecting my blog. The connection speed is like crawling, so it is a pain to upload photos to my site. While others had fun doing new year countdown, I was doing file upload countdown, 99% files remaining… 98% files remaining… (and prayed that connection could keep alived, terrible…).

I believe all of you in KK had seen the advertisement of Warisan Square soft opening party. The event sounded interesting but unfortunately it crashed with my other programme. So I could only allocate one hour to check out their fashion show. Amber Chia was there to catwalk too. The first time I saw her was in the 1Borneo launching in 2005. I think Miss Malaysia was there too. This time they and other models were only a few feet away from me, making my photo shooting easier. Haha… hopefully next time they will come even closer to me, my new year wish.

Warisan Square Fashion Show
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Someone told me that Amber Chia is from Tawau of Sabah. Is it true kah? It is cool that Sabah has an international celebrity. In the fashion show, I noticed a model that looks like Amber Chia. I post the photos of them below and see if you can tell who is Amber Chia.
Amber Chia
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I will not tell you the answer. Just check out the photo gallery. After comparing a few more photos, you should be able to find the answer. To celebrate New Year, from today onward, I will blog every day until Jan 15. If you like nature and wildlife, this will be a great news for you coz 10 of the blog are related to the cool animals found in Sabah. Consider it as a new year gift from me. There are many precious photos that you can’t find elsewhere, as well as some funny stories, so do remember to pay me a visit regularly.

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

8 thoughts on “Warisan Square Party

  1. Amber Chia is from Tawau. And a model for one Sabah born technopreneur, Kenneth Vun of FTEC. But there are 2 things I am still puzzled:
    – why a hi profile company like FTEC cannot employ someone good in English: their website is littered with errors, for the whole world to see. It’s embarrassing!
    – why is Amber Chia called a supermodel? I thought you need to reach a certain stature to be accorded that hallowed title?

  2. hehehehhe~

    Xing Nian Kuai Le, Smokehead… (^_^)/

    Of course lah the REAL Amber is on the left one… Hehehehehe~

  3. yes sumandak, u got it right. 🙂 Happy new year to you too.

    pinolobu, FTEC is not only poor in english. they also don’t know what is customer service. last time i called them up to enquire more info of a product. an old man answered and got impatient with my questions and kept on saying “you come and see lah”. he promised to call me back but he never did.

    i also don’t know why Amber Chia is called a supermodel. sorrylah, don’t know how to answer…

  4. hahaha….. aiya, poor english like that lor~~ If you get the worst one more funnier cos always got “ah”,”hah”,”hor” and “is it” at the end & they never use please.

    I was there too! But i don’t know who you are.

  5. Excerpted From “Hao Wai”, a local magazine on current affairs: Amber chia is born in West Malaysia, went to Tawau when young and grew up there and she just broke up with a boy friend whom she went out with for 10 years.

  6. Even though Amber Chia is not born in sabah, Gary Cao (Cao Ge) is, Gary is recently very popular in Taiwan, made famous by his song “super woman”.

  7. language iz neva enuf to determine personality other person..
    she is model bt not a spokesman…
    looks matter rather than english speaking…
    grow up guys

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