Sabah bikini

Bikini photo-shooting

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Hope you all can see this greeting before your eyes are drawn to the photos below. Last year I blogged about the bikini photography session in Palm Villa Beach, Kinarut (Dec 18, 2005). After 1 year, I decide to post the photos, as a Xmas gift to you. There were 3 beautiful Sabah models joined us. Needless to say, they all have pretty faces and nice figures.

Model 1. Yvonne Wong
The First Runner-Up + Miss Popular of Miss Malaysia Chinatown 2004. Friendly and got lovely smile. A power station.

Bikini Model
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Model 2. Chin
The Second Runner-Up of Miss Hakka 2003, also the Miss Photogenic + Second Runner-Up of Miss Malaysia Chinatown 2004. Sweet and Cute. Very professional and expressive. Any picture that has her looks perfect.

Bikini Model
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Model 3. Wendy Lu
Last, but not the least. The Second Runner-Up + Miss Newell of Miss Malaysia Tourism 2005 (Sabah State Selection). Fresh and Mature. I like her long and silky black hair, which adds a seductive touch to her photos.

Bikini Model
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Each of them has unique character and style. Professional photographers need to interact a lot with the models to bring the best out of them. It was far more challenging than I thought. FYI, two of them also the models in Borneo Jewellry Fair 2005.

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  1. intereting with modeling still 15..but i want to work a teen model of course..can u help me? & i do want help u too..thanks~

  2. deborah> since you are not an adult, please note that you might need parent’s consent for modeling. you may send me your portfolio (photos, personal details) to please do include contact of your parents. i will forward it to other portrait photographers..

    1. Hi MeldyKnowlz, I remove your phone numbers because it’s not safe to post your contact online. To start with modeling, you may ask your friends who are interested in portrait photography to organize an outing with you as the model.

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