State-Level Unduk Ngadau Beauty Pageant 2006

“You are invited to the photo-shooting session of Unduk Ngadau at Hyatt Hotel on May 26, with other press,” the organiser said, after they learnt that I wanted to marry a Unduk Ngadau (Miss Harvest Festival). OMG, my feeling was like winning a lottery. Isn’t that the chance I have been wanting for? During the photography session, 45 Unduk Ngadau walked in randomly, anytime between 8AM to 1 PM. Quite a challenge to keep track all of them. Finally I got the free time to publish the photos online now. This is one of the best photo galleries of

Unduk Ngadau

At last, it was May 31, another important day… coz it was the day of Sabah State-Level Unduk Ngadau final competition. This was the last and also my biggest photography mission in May. In fact it made me nervous. The competition started at 12:45 PM, so I went there at 12:30 PM. But the main door was locked and there was a lot of people waiting outside. We were waiting to get in until 1:30 PM, but the door still closed. It was getting really warm and a few were frustrated and knock the door hard. Then the organiser posted a notice saying that the hall was full. You can check out the video clip to see the disappointed crowd.

Unduk Ngadau
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What to do? I have been waiting a year for this event, so I didn’t want to give up easily. I walked to the side door. Luckily, there was a guard opened the door quietly and let only a few people got in, so I just followed. The hall was really full. The competition hasn’t started so I didn’t miss anything. However, TYT, VIPs and many press were around, so I could not move freely around to take picture.

Unduk Ngadau
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Tour package to Kota Kinabalu

There were 3 rounds in the Unduk Ngadau Competition. Score is based on their look & presentation, costume and IQ.
Round 1) Self-Introduction and catwalk by 45 Unduk Ngadau finalists.
Round 2) 15 Unduk Ngadau were shortlisted for a oral test.
Those who made it: Usukan, Ranau, Kawang, Klias (Beaufort), Likas, Keningau, Inanam, Tongod, Petagas, Sembulan, Sulaman, Lahad Datu, Tawau, Penampang, and Kudat.
Round 3) 7 Unduk Ngadau were chosen as top 7.
Why “7”? Coz number 7 is the lucky number of KadazanDusun.

Final Result of Unduk Ngadau 2006 (Sabah State Level):
Unduk Ngadau

On the seat: Sabah State Unduk Ngadau 2006, Contestant No. 40, Devenna Jaikob from Sulaman
Left to the seat: 1st Runner-Up, Contestant No. 38, Edith Malis from Petagas
Right to the seat: 2nd Runner-Up, Contestant No. 36, Kay Maryly Madonna Josuie Laison from Inanam
2nd from left: 4th place, Contestant No. 39, Juliana Stephen from Sembulan
2nd from right: 5th place, Contestant No. 41, Dorithy Binti Misir from Lahad Datu
Left: 6th place, Contestant No. 27, Geraldine Grace Petrus Balandong from Kilas (Beaufort)
Right: 7th place, Contestant No. 43, Trinna Joyce Dison from Penampang

Unduk Ngadau
Click Here to see 200+ photos of Unduk Ngadau (State Level) >>

I must say I am very very lucky in this event, coz I have seen the top 3 winners competed in district level. You can look at my previous blog about Menggatal and Putatan Unduk Ngadau Competition. OK, I know you all don’t know the location of most districts, so I create the map below for you. You also can click the map to see the Flash version of the Sabah map. Very interactive, just move the mouse pointer over the district, you will see the name and photo of the contestant from that area. You can learn a bit of geography about Sabah too. It is about 1MB so it will take minutes to load.

Unduk Ngadau

Unduk Ngadau 2006

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18 thoughts on “State-Level Unduk Ngadau Beauty Pageant 2006

  1. excellent work… i think no 9,23 looks hot too
    some do actually look way way way way better before they put on all their war paint on
    which one was ur personal top 3 smokehead?

  2. Thank you smokehead! You’ve made my day…
    yes I do agree they put so much makeup on for this.. the almost natural look and not so big hair-do looks a lot nicer.
    I understand how hard to take pictures of the unduk ngadau kan.. But last time I went to unduk ngadau in 2003, I was enjoying the view and therefore not really taking photos. But the photos that I did take.. were all dark. So you’ve done much much better job there. Really appreciate it.. thanks.. I can enjoy my holiday now. 🙂

  3. Waaaa….You make me feel near to home.
    Thank you for putting these excellent photos for easy viewing…..:D

    You did a marvellous job!!


  4. wow…ur’re the best photografer that i know…i think this is the first time after so long i can view all the pic of unduk ngadau!!!keep it up!!

  5. Being a Kadazan Dusun woman away from Sabah is not easy, especially when one looked very Chinese and speaks Chinese (ehmm…I’m very original ok..), no one take me seriously when I said I am a ‘pribumi’. Fortunately your website helps me A LOT explaining to some of my friends about Sabah & its colorful culture…in short, I love your work. The best part is, I ‘accidently’ misplaced myself to this website while searching for info on Tadau Kaamatan over the net….hahaha…Bravo !! Keep Up the Beautiful work ~

  6. tradewind, i personally like no. 41 (Lahad Datu), no. 40 (sulaman) and no. 14 (Ranau).

    sugarbabe, i would choose no. 20 (KL) but she is too young for me.

    Black Coffee, glad that u like my site. remember to bookmark my blog ye..

  7. Smokehead:
    1 you got invited by the org committee to the photoshooting session at hyatt, on behalf of a news paper or…?

    2 see, we have same taste. and judging from no of views of Dorithy’s pic in, most people think she’s the most beautiful. i think if voting were done by SMS, she would win hands down. She always have been, since several years ago when she took part in UN and also finished 5th i think. she also participated in dewi remaja. Now, the question is, why didnt she win? Why only 5th? Smokehead, you were there, you should know why.

    3 i didnt go to kdca myself cos i dont like going to places where i am forced to smell other people’s body odour (the worst was some time back, i smelt “tarap”!); unless it’s a world class rock concert….

  8. pinolobu,

    1. on behalf of haha.. they knew i liked unduk ngadau so they invited me.

    2. i remember she didn’t do quite well in the oral section. since the competition is stiff, any small thing can make big difference.

    3. the smell is not a problem to me. i m well trained after taking so many mini bus. the biggest problem is the heat. man… i was dehydrated n the blood was like boiling.

  9. pinolobu,
    Smoke Head got the reason why your fav. cann’t make it. We never thought she(No.41) been to LHD for the engagement of our fren ended up by representing LHD for the UN state level.
    It’s her luck anyway!!

    Frankly, she looks pretty with her make-up!
    I really sollute the way she transform her self into a new person with the make-up technique..
    She got an art!
    U never know how amazing she is with every touch-up that she did..

    She got a wide exposure into this area..
    I think she should retire and give the opportunity and guidance to the ladies out there!

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