Road to 1 Million Hits

Finally it is over. Because of the Kaamatan month, I had been travelling here and there like a wild cat without a home. So many events that I could not blog them fast enough, end up you all reading the old news. Nevermind lah ok, after all, you read this for FREE, kan?

Run, run, run...

Many were asking me the hit statistics of In case you are curious, here you go, below is the hit report for past 1 year. Ya, I know many blog do far more better job than me. Still happy though, coz I prove that 1 person also can do no less than the BIG web sites out there. I believe the photos of Unduk Ngadau Beauty Pageant brought a lot of traffic to my site. As you can see, almost 1 million hit in May!
Hit, hit, hit... has been running for a year (since June 2005). At first I just published a few photo galleries and invited my friends to see. Later I found that NOBODY really bothered to look at my photos. So I started my first blog in August 2005. Adding some comments about my trip, make it sound interesting, to attract the visitors to look at the photos. The traffic doubled after I started the blog, and it is still growing every month. Thank you for your support.

If this can bring me income, it will be a dream job… There are many web sites talk about Sabah tourism and most of them are more like a formal documentary or a bit too wordy (less pictures). Somehow I think my blog fills in what is missing, I mean something more on experience sharing and personal. I also feel great doing something that no others did before, so the world can see the beauty of Sabah in different faces and angle.


Tour package to Mataking

Now I just want a good rest…. ZZzzz….

8 thoughts on “Road to 1 Million Hits

  1. You are absolutely right about your blog filling in what is missing: something more on experience sharing and personal. We want to know what it’s really like, not another marketing talk. There are of course foreign tourist blogs on Sabah but they seem to be fragmented and all over the place – but that is another thing you can look to in future – getting co-bloggers of like mind help you out. For example, that blog by the Italians about what happened at Sipadan.

    You said it yourself: “I also feel great doing something that no others did before, so the world can see the beauty of Sabah in different faces and angle.” Of course, that plus income would be great. In that respect, I believe, with traffic rolling in and proper monetizing, you can live on this blog (and other future blogs perhaps) rather comfortably. Just ask the guys at

  2. 1st thing that lead me into your site is bcoz of your highlights in your photo gallery..
    And your write-up in the blog which is interesting.. full of exciting..

    Being in travel line, I’m looking for extra info in order to gain extra knowledge on the product that we have in Malaysia.

    I was amazed on what have u did, It may eventually boast the visitors to Sabah.

    I think you should add a “Book Now” button..
    or link the interesting destination of your page into the agent that provide these kind of travel & tours services.

    Thus, the visitors may not only read your write-up or saw the pictures, but they may be able to travel, experience and witness it according on what have you tell in your blog.

    Just in-put some effort, then it may move your site into another level!

    It’s great to think of it! ^__~

  3. congrats smokehead, your baby is now 1 year old, when are you going to have its birthday party.. maybe a gathering of ur readers(legion of fans).
    walau eh… i wonder is most of the hits for Unduk Ngadau is from overseas?? newspaper just publish a few pictures.

  4. I’ve been enjoying visiting ur blog to look at scenes from my homeland sabah… whenever i feel homesick, this is just the right place i come to… so thanks for keeping up the great work!

    hey, was wondering if u could do an entry abt photography tips and tricks u use to get the different effects in ur photos? i’m interested in getting into photography so wld he helpful to hear from veterans like urself…

  5. thank you.. probably it is time to think of a model that i can get income and play play at the same time. 🙂

    serene555, i will consider ur suggestion but i m not a professional photographer though.

  6. bear this in mind: quite a few top blogs are one or 2 person operation; only one man operatiob, only markus and his wife.

  7. 1 million? wow, you should try to get some dough from this site that you work hard on. better you yourself sell the space in this site rather than relying on adsense and such. i’m sure many are interested promoting their site here.

  8. wow….i didnt know that there korean dancers perform in kdca..i usually celebrate in kl and tambunan, thats why i didnt know that they perform in kdca. im glad that you posted this blog,otherwise i wouldnt know many programmes are held on that day.

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