Pesta Kalimaran on the Newspaper

My story and photos about Tenom’s Pesta Kalimaran was out in the newspaper last Sunday (30/4/2006). Quite happy coz my article made it to the FIRST page this time. You can click the picture below to read the article. Sorry lah, it is in Chinese language. Why not in English? If you have been reading my blog, you all know my English standard lah hor. Actually I had submitted this article last month. From my past experience, it took about 3 weeks for them to appear on the newspaper. There are still two more articles pending, they may or may not print it. This week I will write another one if got free time.

Click to Enlarge newspaper

It has been a long time I didn’t write for the newspaper. One of the main reasons is that it is time-consuming and I am not paid much. If I count my income on writing, you will see me chewing tree root and grass to feed my stomach. I just wrote for my interest. It feels good to got your article posted on the newspaper and read by thousands, isn’t it (next time should get my face inside the photo)? I just treat it as an “extension” of my blog. Well, just try to enjoy what I am doing.

Last year, I met a guy from Sandakan in a function. Once he heard my name, he instantly recognised me, and said, “Oh… I know you. You were the xxx who wrote this and that story for the newspaper. Well done man.” Wah, I got a fan, I got a fan! Haha, not a big deal, but feel great anyway, consider I didn’t write a lot.

One thought on “Pesta Kalimaran on the Newspaper

  1. Local paper now, national paper next, and….


    China is coming up, perhaps Mandarin wont take over English as the main language of the internet for the foreseeable future, but at least for Asia and the huge internal China market, you are on the right path.

    And remember, LiewCF’s English is “standard” also, but he’s doing well as a problogger, with income target for 2006 at USD100 per day!

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