Macky and Lady

I got so many dogs, now and before. The dogs that I love and miss the most are Lady and Macky. Even after so many many years, I still think about them occasionally. Both of them died in March, 3 months after they born.


Their father, Snowky, was my loyal childhood partner. We liked to call him “Soky” coz he was a bit “soh soh” (nut). He was quite bad temper but nobody really knew what he mad at. Soky also had a very bad habit. He liked to bury food. Whenever we gave him some food, he would go and buried them, and came back for more. When we saw the soil on his nose, we would know what happened to the food. He did a very lousy job on hiding food coz he used only a bit of soil and leaves to cover the food, so it was very easy to find it. We purposely dig out the food and placed at somewhere near him, then we hide at a corner watching him. When he saw the food, he would go and bury it again, in the same spot. When he walked away, we would dig out the food again. He would bury the food again. So this went on and on. At the end, we could see his eyes turned red and got really pissed off (and confused). So funny. Soky’s first wife, Dolly, was killed in an accident. Later Soky became really old and didn’t have any offspring, so we got him another wife, also named as Dolly.


Finally, Dolly delivered two puppies. We were so happy for Soky. We called them Lady and Macky. They were so adorable. I fed them and played with them every day. They were so cute when they ran to me for milk. But after 2 months, they still looked very thin and small. When we wonder what went wrong, they started to have serious cramp occasionally. The doctor said Soky was too old so his puppies were very weak too. They may not able to make it. I felt sad but I thought they were strong enough to make it. Every day after I back from school, the first thing I did was to look for them, hug them, and saw if they were ok. I loved them so much.


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The cramp attacked them more and more often. It was such a pain to see the lovely puppies suffered every time. One day, I was playing hide and seek with Macky in the living room. It looked so energetic and chasing me excitedly. Then it hide under a chair. I was waiting but didn’t see him coming out after me. I went and had a look. I saw him struggled painfully. It was heart-breaking to see him dying. I cried helplessly. But nodody could do anything, Macky had stopped breathing. I sat at his side for hour and didn’t believe that it had left. I was really down until my mom told me that Macky had gone to heaven. Lady also died one week later. Week after they passed away, I still missed Macky so I drew a picture of it, and kept it until today. I still feel sad when looking at their photos.

I considered a few times before posting this. I am a guy so I don’t really want everyone sees my “sentimental” side… Well, they are so important to me so I decide to include them in my online diary.

5 thoughts on “Macky and Lady

  1. i also used to have a lot of dogs. what i can remember is their funny names like balaki (blacky) and bereges.

    the turning point came a few yrs ago when my 5 dogs died all at the same time, poisoned. one of them i named Adolf, for obvious reasons. it’s not fun burying 5 dogs at the same time. sentimental attachments aside, there went all my investments in dog food and trips to the vet.

    now we still have a lot of dogs, > 10 in fact at home, but i have reached the point where i dont know and dont care what are their names anymore…

  2. Kampong people like dog very much. But I do not like so much. I am not to say I am not a kampong people. I am to say dog is very dirty thing. My house has many about 10 dog nearby. So every middle of night they come to eat rubbish from my house. I ask my wife not to put throw away food into the rubbish. Even if nothing to eat they still make the rubbish here and there on the road. So my wife must to clear the road every morning.

    But your dog is very clean and very nice looking dog.

    Yours sincerely.

  3. I enjoy reading your pet’s story.

    They are indeed men’s best friend right? Moreover, they will always remain a part of your sweet memory.

    animal lover too

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