Cute Lion Dance

I got the photos below at Karamunsing Complex during an opening for a shop. The presentation was kind of cute. I also got a video clip of the lion playing with the children. Note that it swallowed the hand of a child twice.

Lion Dance

Lion Dance

My sister is a super fan of lion dance. I think she watches the past year lion dance competition VCDs dozens times. I even teased her, “Probably I can advise your boyfriend to use lion carries a ‘Will you marry me?’ banner to make you marry him.” She was quite amused with the idea, “Ya oh, I will really like that.” Haha… I cannot imagine how such romantic thing can happen under the noisy gong and drum. Hope them both won’t dance lion dance in their candle light dinner for anniversary then.

One thought on “Cute Lion Dance

  1. then your sister will be best friends with my 2-yr old son. until now he’s still into lion dancing. he’s watched the Genting World Lion Dance Championships for the umpteenth time. last mth, he’s forced me to follow the lions all round town, from shop to shop for hours. now at home, he’ll pick up anything, i mean anything, including laundry pails and blankets and then do his dance, authentic movement, from beginning to the end.

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