Butterfly Eats SHIT

When you hear the word “butterfly”, what picture would appear in your mind? Butterfly flying gracefully over the fragrant flowers? Or butterfly stops on the flower to drink some clean and sweet honey? Or some other beautiful images?

My impression totally changed when I saw this butterfly below in a forest. At first, I was impressed by its beautiful and colourful wings, so I came very close to it to take picture.
Butterfly eats shit, Sabah, Malaysia

Surprisingly, unlike other shy butterflies, it remained at the same spot without moving or escaping, though my camera was just a few inches away from it. Then I noticed it was really busy, like it was doing something so enjoyable that it forgot the danger around it. It has uncoiled its sucking tube and dipped it into something.
Butterfly eats shit, Sabah, Malaysia

When I looked closer, SHIT!!! Yes, it was a chicken shit being sucked and eaten by a butterfly. I even captured its ugly moment on a video. Just click the picture to watch the evident. That makes me think that – there are people around us that look so pretty and nice, but actually they can be as dirty as shit…
Butterfly eats shit, Sabah, Malaysia

Photos taken in Kawang Forest, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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  1. Man, thanks to your blog I can truely see the wonders of our small city of KK…and I can also see the ugly truth of Butterflies >_

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