My First Xmas Gift

Finally I kena saman. I have been driving for over 10 years and never got fined. It was my fault so I can’t blame anyone. From the recent newspaper, you would read that police and DBKK are very hardworking in giving out Christmas present, SAMAN. I am one of the lucky ones. Christmas is approaching so the traffic jam is getting worse, and it is very hard to find a parking space.

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I parked my car at the wrong place at the wrong day. It was used to be very “safe” area. I knew I was screwed, when I saw the police motorbikes near to my car. The traffic policemen were still busy writing tickets for other cars next to mine (damn… I would escape if I came 5 minutes earlier…). I walked to him to asked how much I got fined. “RM70!” I felt my legs lost a bit of strength. Then I asked nicely if I could got fined less. Fortunately I met a nice one. He changed the offense item to minor one, which will cost me RM30. I moved away my car immediately, and prayed that he didn’t see my malfunction rear light…

The first time I went to the police station to pay the fine, they said the line was down (huh?!) and they couldn’t process it manually. So I came back the next day. The queue was not long but it was frustrating that every driver asked for a discount or dispute at the counter, each taking 5 to 10 minutes. When I paid my ticket, I also checked out the fine of other traffic offences (please note that the amount is subject to vary. Sometimes they even have “promotion” prices), FYI:

Offence Fine
Failing to park parallel to road side RM30
Parking on the wrong side of road RM30
Parking in contravention of a traffic sign RM70
Causing unnecessary obstruction of traffic RM70
Parking within 30 feet of corner RM70
Parking within 30 feet of bus stop sign RM70
Parking within 10 feet of fire hydrant stand pipe RM70
Parking too far from side of road RM70
Parking opposite double white lines RM70
Failing to exhibit front/rear/number plate lights RM100+
Failing to exhibit road tax license or unlicensed vehicle RM100+
Colour of paintwork changed RM100+
Using tyre without sufficient tread RM100+
Incorrect, indistinct or obscured number plate RM100+

You may check out the promotion prices below. Such a DEEP DISCOUNT!!! No wonder nobody wants to pay the fine on time.
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4 thoughts on “My First Xmas Gift

  1. i cant count how many times i kena saman already. hint: you can pay at any police station. meybe best at kepayan cos it’s less crowded, the waiting area is airconditioned and got seats also. the one in central kk is terrible. the one at donggongon not so good either.

  2. Hi Tadpole

    I hope u dont mind me using that picture uve used, and referring to this entry on a similarly-themed entry on my blog.
    Thanks 🙂

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