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  1. I suggest you contect Sabah Tourism Department.

    Or you can get information from Ministry of Culture.

    regards and well done.

  2. picture 12

    – sia tau.. itu costume dari suku kaum dusun labuk. Kaum ini berasal dari beluran, sandakan. Dan ia amat popular disekitar telupid,beluran dan sandakan.

  3. Hi, It’s your website’s ‘peminat’ from Indonesia again… Incidentally, I have been studying all about tribes in Sabah and the collection I have is pretty good: Just looking at the pictures above, you have mainly the Central Dusun like Garo, Tinagas & alantang; Northern Dusun like Sonsogon (Pitas), Palapazan (ota Marudu) and Gonsomon. The Tobilung tribes sometimes appear in a few costumes but the distinct about them are the women’s head cover. The Tindal & Tempasuk sometimes hard to differentiate, but the Tempasuk men’s costume tend to be less elaborate. Down south (Southern Dusunic) you will find the Tolinting, Minansut, Rumanau & Gana. The one that confusing (unless you hear the different accent, which I somehow learn about it) are the Eastern Dusunic – Makiang, Kolobuan, Tombonumo, Lobu Tampias in Ranau, Lobu Lanas in Kinabatangan, Dumpas, Mangkaak, Lingkabau, Segama, Sinorupu, Sukang & Minokok. From the pictures you have (you may have to double check with some expert): (1) Sungai Beluran (2) Garo (3)Kimaragang Tandek (4)looks like Tibabar from Tambunan (5)’Improvised’ Dumpas/Kolobuan (6) Talantang Taginambur(7) Tobilung Kota Belud (10) Bisaya? That’s all I can tell… I am still learning!!

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