Dragon Boat Race

There were 49 teams joined the Dragon Boat Race at Likas Bay (of Kota Kinabalu city) last Sunday. Japan, Brunei and China also competed, and China won two trophies. For details on the result, please read the newspaper. I am not a reporter, so I am not obligated to report ok.

Dragon Boat Race
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Same as last year, all the dragon boats were racing on a 800 Meter racing lane that needed about 4 minutes to finish. Last time I was taking picture with my 3x optical zoom camera. This time my 12x optical zoom camera allowed me to get closer shoots. The team spirit they showed in the competition was something really interesting.

Dragon Boat Race
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I hope next year the organiser will have more exciting programme. The one-hour breaktime in between, which had no show running, really bored me to death.

This morning I read the news about a team who complained a boat, which was hired by an unregistered photographer, blocking their lane and caused them to lose. They even plan to suit that photographer. I think they have the good reason to get mad. I also noticed the stupid boat that “invaded” the racing lane to take photos. The pictures below show clearly that he was disturbing the race. If they want these pictures as “evidence”, I will be pleased to help. I am angry too coz the presence of his boat “spoiled” some of my good takes.

Tour package to Mari-Mari Cultural Village

Dragon Boat Race
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  1. How did that unregistered boat get to be so near to the race area in the first place?? The photographer should be sued!

  2. i heard the baka-san use his boat cross from last lane til middle lane, to get his GOOD SHOTS >”

  3. Mr. Moanster,
    if you a the organizer,you wont said it, trust me.
    but before you complain, find out the truth first.ok?
    you know noting…

  4. yah, i agree what the jedi said!
    your photos is not good enough, but if you want the “BEST PHOTOS”,look for some one more expert…but not you,ok?

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    I have been deleting your stupid racism comments. YOU are the ONE should watch out your words.

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