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Tuaran Crocodile Farm

I believe Discovery Channel can be a better channel if they talk less about crocodiles. Anyway, I still think crocodile is one of the most fascinating animals on earth. The structure of its body makes it the most effective (and beautiful) hunting machine. The crocodile skin product is also one of the most expensive on earth (see below).

Crocodile Farm
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Since childhood, I was told a lot of stories about crocodile. My mom was also very scared when she washed cloth at the riverside in the old day, coz crocodile is very good in sneak attack. I even heard people hired bomoh to recite certain chant to make the crocodile showed up and didn’t resist being seized. The most famous tale is the 200-year old and bullet-proof white crocodile in Sarawak. Well, nobody actually sees it I guess. I think most of you had seen the crocodile displayed inside the Sabah Museum. If I am not mistaken, this crocodile was first discovered in the mangrove forest behind my primary school many years ago. My classmates saw it and told the teacher, who later called the hunter to shoot the crocodile. The body was donated to the museum.

Crocodile Farm
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However, those folklores only make crocodiles sound more mysterous and scary. But this made my trip to Tuaran Crocodile Farm more anticipating. Contrary to our impression, the crocodiles there look pretty cute and can even do show. You can see and even touch them. FYI, most of the crocodiles in this farm are Crocodylus Porosus (Buaya Tembaga), a salt water crocodile which can live in both fresh and salt water. Too bad I didn’t manage to try the crocodile meat there. The restaurant there was run by Muslim, so they don’t serve it.

Crocodile Farm
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Tour package to Semporna

Besides crocodiles, they got a mini-zoo that has small wild animals such as leopard cat, badger, eagle, pheasant, peacock and deers. Cultural dance (e.g. bamboo dance) is performed 2 or 3 times per day in the long house.

Dance With Crocodile:
You also can see the crocodiles perform. You must look at the video clip that I created. I added a few effects to make it looks funny. Watch lah…
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5 thoughts on “Tuaran Crocodile Farm

  1. my gosh!! the handbag naik harga liao ar~~ for last year I saw there was about RM28,888 ler.

    I heard Thai’s crocodile show lagi fun? performance staff put hand into crocodile’s throat, and put head inside the mouth.

  2. Once in a lifetime experience going there.. But i wont go there anymore definitely.. Nothing special.. :p

  3. smokehead: i looked at the video, they still do that Jambatan Tamparuli song?? Last year they also did that – I think the dancer/crocodile bored to death of that song already…

    Lryna: ya, in Tuaran, for the climax act, the guy will only put hand inside croc mouth for a few secs. No putting head in. I went to croc farm in Peninsular (was it in Penang?), same owner, same trick.

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